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Music Festival Structure, Planning & Finance Online Course!

The music festival course and mentoring program have been developed to provide NEW music promoters with the tools, knowledge, and experience from our seasoned team. You will learn the "ins and outs" of the music festival world, from how to write the music festival plan to selling your first festival ticket, raising capital to build your five-year plan, and your exit strategy! You will also learn how to mitigate the risks working with investors, banks, self-funding, and dealing with agents, managers, attorneys, accountants & your bank managers! 

The music festival promoters course is delivered over 9 modules working over a 6 week period with an easy pace to learn each module. 

The course is delivered every Tuesday online from 10.30 am to 2 pm UK & 10 am - 1 pm for the USA and Canada.

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Areas covered in this online course:

"Let's take your music festival career to the next level. Are you ready for this exciting challenge"? 

"Let's delve into this informative course".

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LIVE music festival mainstage

Module 1

Festival Overview & Executive Summary

  • Music festival history - mission and objectives
  • Address covid-19 Public health & safety
  • Current festival marketplace
  • Where does your festival sit in the calendar?
  • What is the goal? competition? why are you different?
  • The executive summary - your festival vision & finance plan?
  • Become the premier summer event in the region?
  • Offer the most sustainable festival experience?
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Module 2

Festival team & Ethos behind your event

  • Festival ethos - Why you? Know your brand?
  • Your festival team & partners - who's on board, who do you need?
  • Finance structure - equity, loan, self-funding?
  • Legal, accountant, banking & Private equity?
  • What do you and your team have to offer?
  • Overview of the festival team and what needs to be looked at or covered further?

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Module 3

Festival Sponsorship & Branding 

  • Working with sponsors & brands?
  • Branding & sponsorship - wish list?  festival demographic?
  • The sponsorship plan, what are you offering, ticket allocation, backstage, front of the house, show program?
  • Looking at short, medium, and long-term goals!
  • The five-year plan?
  • Festival merchandise, VIP tickets, Wifi area, Merchandise?
  • All of the above areas, determine your festival sponsorship goals & plan!
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Module 4

Festival Partners extended (legal, accountant, insurance, venue & production).

  • Who are your professional advisors?
  • Venue - location, near a motorway or residential area?
  • Production company - experience, past tours & shows?
  • How do they all come together?
  • What deals are you looking to achieve - what's in place?
  • Insurance - public liability to specialized structures - how to plan for the unexpected?
  • Local companies in the area to work with?
Mainstage festival headline acts

Module 5

Booking your artists & 

Curating the lineup.

  • The art of booking your artists?
  • Dealing with the agent, manager & publicist?
  • Curating your festival year 1, 2 - 5?
  • How many stages - mainstage, second stage and small stages?
  • Do you run a battle of the bands' competition?
  • Your festival lineup? Who is on your wish list?
  • Who is presenting the event?
  • What genre - POP, Rock, Dance, or Country?

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Module 6

Timings, Ticket packages, PR & Marketing

  • The launch of the festival website?
  • When should you print flyers, posters & why?
  • Are you using a street team - what does this mean?
  • Your festival packages - day tickets to VIP tickets?  Earlybird? when to put on sale?
  • PR event? Radio/TV, Newspapers, Magazines?
  • Are you looking at in-house PR or an external agency?
  • What is your media budget, who is going to execute the plan?
  • Timing for all media? Video production - promo year 1?
VIP security guard at private event

Module 7

Licensing, security & Stewarding

  • Working with the local authority - for all licensing for the festival
  • Security structure and delivery - past security experience? recent shows?
  • Stewarding - volunteers, how are they compensated? who employs them?
  • What is the festival capacity? what traffic management do you need in place and why?
  • Is this a dry event?
  • How do you deal with vendors, booking, pitch prices, insurance?
  • Parking for; Cars, Bikes & Coaches!
  • Working with local landowners?
Champagn reception for showpiece event

Module 8

Festival catering & Drink rights

  • Who are your preferred suppliers?
  • Where do you find good suppliers?
  • Is your festival selling alcohol? and if so, what is the offering?
  • What is the food offering?
  • Where are the food and drink located on-site?
  • What prices do you charge? when do you charge the fees?
  • What % does the promoter receive?
  • Do you have a VIP bar and is it free? 
  • Do you provide a goody bag and why?
  • What time does the festival start & finish - one day or two days?

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Headline DJ set a major festival

Module 9

Festival year 2,3 & Exit strategy

  • Looking at key points from year 1 -Has the festival been a success?
  • What have you learned? and what are you looking to improve in year 2?
  • Planning your festival exit, is the company set up right?
  • How are your shareholders going to exit?- we take a look at some options!
  • Or has the festival gone wrong - and how can you mitigate the festival to survive and roll on for year 2 and beyond?

"This course is designed to prepare you for the music festival road ahead. So you have a  good understanding of becoming a music festival promoter".

Seamless Entertainment team

Book your place and be the next BIG promoter!

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September dates - 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

October dates - 5th, 12th & 26th

November dates - 9th, 16th & 30th