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The Music Business Industry Overview Course Online!

The music business mentoring course program has been developed to show you how the music business works today - providing you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to build your future in the music business. You will learn from leading music professionals and meet like-minded people. Most importantly - you’ll learn what the various areas of the music industry are, why they exist, and exactly how the business operates today. 


We’ll also spend time with you, to discuss your plans. Whether you’d like help launching your band project, advice on setting up your new music business venture. Enrol today to secure your place, to help build your creative career!

The music business course is delivered over 8 modules working over a 6 week period with an easy pace to learn each module.

The course is delivered every Wednesday online from 11 am to 2.30 pm *UK time

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Areas covered in this online course:

"A detailed music course program on how the music business works today from management, live, touring, and all in between. All in a relaxed and comfortable online environment"

Seamless Entertainment team

Module 1

Music Industry Introduction

  • A brief history of the music industry.
  • It's an exciting time to work in the music industry
  • The structure of the music industry
  • An explanation of the roles & functions:
  • Record labels
  • Music publishers
  • Live music
  • Management
  • Promotions
  • Agents
  • Merchandise
  • Streaming
  • An explanation of the industry, and sources of revenue - with the current trends!

Module 2

Record Labels

  • Record Labels – what do they do?
  • The differences between the indies and major labels
  • Income and costs in the label
  • Record contracts – signing artists
  • Royalty structures – where does the money go?
  • The record label meeting
  • A&R in 2021
  • The Principles of artist development
  • How to find the ‘next big thing?
  • Group discussion - Setting up a label, and the A&R process?

Book this course  | Only  £899.00

Module 3

Live Music & Tour Management

  • Live music and its importance in the industry today?
  • Booking agents and promoters - who they are & what they do
  • Sources of revenue in live music?
  • Merchandise deals?
  • A guide to touring management
  • What are tour managers and how do they operate?
  • Logistics, tour budgeting, and record label tour support
  • Group discussion - Budget a 10-day tour, and see if we can turn a profit! 

Module 4

SYNC & Music Publishing

  • Publishing – what is it and why is it so important today?
  • Who are the people involved in the music publishing sector?
  • The publishing contract
  • The artist as a writer
  • Sync (TV, film, advertising, and computer games)
  • A guide to music copyright
  • Mechanicals - how writers get paid
  • Public performance - we'll look at how writers receive revenue for the public performance (live, in-store, on tv, on radio, etc)
  • Collection agencies – PRS, PPL and MCPS
  • Songwriting: Working with writers, writing camps, selling songs

Module 5

Artist management

  • Artist managers – who they are and what they do
  • Key functions of music management
  • The skills required to be a manager?
  • The artist/manager relationship
  • How do managers get paid? 
  • The management contract
  • The new artist manager and where the role is moving to?
  • Strategizing the artist's career
  • Timed targets and action steps & The well-being of the artist

Book this course | Only £899.00

Module 6

Music Industry Bodies & Funding

  • Working in the music industry – where do I fit?
  • The music business entrepreneur: Working in a team, negotiating skills
  • The art of successful networking
  • Budget planning, setting targets, and monitoring results
  • Pitching skills and techniques
  • A guide to writing a successful business plan
  • Trade bodies: The MU, The BPI, PRS, PPL, MCPS, The MMF, MPA, AIM.
  • Securing funding for new music businesses where to start?

Module 7

An introduction to being a 

 festival/concert promoter

  • This is an introduction to look at some key points to become a "music festival promoter"
  • We take a look at the history of music festivals
  • Looking at the difference between the festival, club & concert promoters?
  • Starting your promoter career?

Module 8

An introduction to music 

production & songwriting

  • Take a look at music production & songwriting history.
  • We also look at songwriting & music production techniques from our in  house team
  • Songwriting session with an in-house team - Some key points to consider for your writing sessions

Book this course | £899.00

Module 9

What is the future of the music industry?

  • The growth music industry revenue 
  • Streaming and where is it going?
  • VR – a new way to experience live music - is this Good or Bad?
  • Blockchain and the digital currency, plus future avenues of music promotion
  • Group discussion on the music industry and where we are heading?

"Ready to take the next step and create your own music industry career. Let's do this together every step of the way"

Seamless Entertainment team

Book your place on this course and be the next top music executive!

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