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An ongoing series of informative entries

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast. We welcome Comedian, Podcaster & Actor - Jonesy…

20th January 2022

To kick off our podcast season for 2022. On The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show Comedian, Actor & Podcaster  - Jonesy

Jonesy is an actor-comedian known for roles on Gotham, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the Letterman Show. 

He's performed comedy on both coasts and his stand-up comedy style is a blend of autobiographical stories and 21st-century cultural critiques delivered with East Coast attitude. 

Jonesy has participated in the New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and Laugh Riots. His standup comedy is a blend of unrelated personal grievances delivered with an East Coast edge

Throughout the pandemic, Jonesy has continued to host and produce his 5 day/week podcast called Weird AF News, which can be heard on any podcast player.

Check out the chat we had with Jonesy just click on the link below;

Jonesy can be seen on Gotham ( Fox) Season 1, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Letterman Show (NBC) plus much more!

It was certainly a great conversation with Jonesy, a really interesting and fun career to date! We look forward to catching up with him again in 2022 with more conversations and laughs along the way

Click on the link to read the full article on Medium

Team Seamless

Start the New Year with a Music Industry course from How to become Music manager to How to put on a Music festival…

14th January 2022

Well, 2022 is upon us and it's that time to take your music career to the next level.

The Seamless team have created a new energy and thinking across the entertainment space, with the launch and broadcast of The Entertainment Engine podcast.

The next stage for the company was to launch a series of entertainment learning through mentoring and course program’s.

It is the team’s passion to inspire the next music industry professionals, to deliver exceptional music industry, advice, knowledge, and support for our clients through a seamless service.

We pride ourselves on our unique offering, with clear and concise information from seasoned entertainment executives supporting our clients across their entertainment journey with a choice of music industry topics including;

Music festival promoter mentoring course. The first course from the seamless team!

The music festival course and mentoring program have been developed to provide NEW music promoters with the tools, knowledge, and experience from our seasoned team.

You will learn the “ins and outs” of the music festival world, from how to write the festival plan to selling your first festival ticket, raising capital to build your five-year plan, and your exit strategy!

You also learn how to mitigate the risks working with investors and banks, self-funding, and how you deal with agents, managers, attorneys, accountants & your bank managers!

For more information about this course email the team. We look forward to welcoming you and taking your entertainment career to the next level!

Team seamless

What does 2022 hold for us in the Entertainment industry?

4th January 2022

2021 has certainly been pivotal for many industries. With technology advancing exponentially, and COVID-19 still impacting consumer behaviour, companies are having to adapt, shift, transform and innovate to stay ahead of the curve!

What new trends will emerge?  What is going to shift?

So, out with the old, and in with the new:

As 2021 comes to a close, the initial M&A activity will only continue to accelerate in 2022.

We expect many of the large media companies to go on shopping sprees for smaller-scale brands and digital-first media brands.

Is it a time for a change?

There will be a reckoning of subscription video on demand (SVOD) players as the initial wave of subscribers start cancelling in significant numbers.

This may be attributed to the perfect storm of consumers reconciling multiple subscriptions (Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Google TV, etc.)

Click for more information;


Team seamless

Merry Christmas to all our podcast listeners & Kick-off the new year with a BANG and implement your strategy for 2022…

23rd December 2021

Welcome to the last podcast episode of the year, what a 12 month period we have all had, many ups and downs. 

With some key points to help Musicians & Bands move forward for 2022!

The team thank all of our listeners from across the world and our special guests who provide the show with some great conversations throughout 2021. This will continue for 2022.

We wanted to share some key points for musicians to kick off the new year with a bang, start as you mean to go on no excuses, just do!

Artists & bands key points for 2022:

Website & mailing list:

Creating and building a professional website for your online presence is vital, but even more important is building a dedicated mailing list for all your subscribers…

Your website should include links to your music, bios/team, images, and tour dates, make sure to also include a mailing list to sign up. 

Email marketing offers direct access to the inboxes of people who are most likely to engage with your music.

If a fan gives you their email address, it means they want to hear from you, with a message directly to their inbox about your latest release or tour, this is much more likely to reach them than a social media post that can be restricted by a platform's limited reach.

Click on the link to discover more key points for 2022:

The message is to be consistent with your activity, website, social media, meetings & phone calls — do what you say you are going to do!

If you say you're going to call a promoter at 11 am then do it — the only reason you will fail is because of you. So take 2022 by the horns and really create some magic!


Team Seamless

This week The Entertainment Engine podcast welcome's - Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, producer -  Skip Martin...

16th December 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show legendary singer-songwriter, producer and author - Skip Martin

Skip is a Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, producer and author, best known for his tenure as a lead singer and trumpeter for two legendary groups, Kool & the Gang and The Dazz Band.​

His achievements include MOBO Outstanding Achievement Award, Platinum & Gold Record recipient, R&B Song of the Year, six consecutive Top 100 albums, two Top 100 singles.​

Skip Martin has also received an Honorary Degree of Doctor in Music, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Artists Music Guild, Certificates of Appreciation for his numerous tours to Iraq and Kuwait and is a Special Honorary Member of the United States Air Force Heritage of America Band. Skip is Goodwill Ambassador to both Kakegawa City and Okinawa in Japan

This is the very first time a resident of a foreign country has received this honour in Okinawa.

Listen to the conversation we had with Skip, 

which was great fun & inspiring:

Film credits include:

"Jungle Boogie" in Pulp Fiction (1994); "Let It Whip" in Next Friday (2000), Pitch Perfect (2012) and Almost Christmas (2016) to name a few. 

Video Game credits featuring "Let It Whip" in Grand The5 Auto: San Andreas.​

Skip's "Love Notes" CD features eclectic collaborations with 10-time Grammy Award winner Arturo Sandoval, 13-time Grammy Nominee Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra, Stefan Maier, lead violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power & Balaguer Urbanistic!​

Children's Book:

Skip's first children's book, 'Morgan The Clydesdale Pony', inspired by Skip's own experience at the Kentucky Derby, is an epic story about the dreams of a young Clydesdale pony hoping to race in the Derby. 

The book promotes self-esteem, goal setting and never giving up on one's dream.​

"God Will Find You", Skip's newest and first Gospel CD is available now on iTunes and

Other current projects include: "Skip Martin Presents Organic Neo" CD, co-writer on the track "You're Da One For Me" for Tower of Power's "Step Up" CD as well as recorded 2 songs on Spyro Gyra's new CD 'Vinyl Tap'.

Musicians Come Together with an Anthem of Hope:

Skip's latest single  - "People Get Ready" features an all-star lineup including; Stevie Wonder on harmonica, CeCe Peniston, Ray Parker Jr, Taylor Dayne, plus many more!


Team seamless

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast, Greek American Actor and Voice-Over artist - Katie Chonacas…

9th December 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show Hollywood actor, director & Voice Over artist - Katie Chonacas...

Katie Chonacas worked with 19 legendary A-list stars in just one year alone

Early life:

Growing up in the Detroit music underground scene Katie recall's "knowing" to remember that it would be some of the most preciously precarious moments of her life that would lead and be a part of something BIG, something magical, something bigger.

When Katie was 17, Bad Boy Bill was playing at an epic special show in Chicago she knew she HAD to go. Grabbing her teenage Greek BFF at the time, Christina Helena, everybody called her Tina back then, said "we are going on a road trip" and she stood right by me with NO question at all. 

This is when she heard and had to befriend DJ Bad Boy Bill - The world's leading legendary House DJ from Chicago.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Katie Chonacas, just click on the link below;

Film projects:

Katie Chonacas is an international actress, who made her first on-screen network television appearance in 2001

Gracing the silver screens ever since Chonacas has globalized network television landing roles on top television series such as CBS's CSI: NY, Cold Case, FX Network's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order SVU to name a few. 

Chonacas also excelled in the movie, she booked supporting roles in movies with Al Pacino, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, Jessica Simpson, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Nicolas Cage & David Arquette.

Voice-Over Artist:

A working professional voice-over actor in the entertainment industry. Katie specializes in cartoon animation voices with her branded name Cartoon Katie

Chonacas brought to life characters such as Soup from Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2, Georgia as Nancy Drew's best friend. Katie has a raspy golden voice in voiceovers such as Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore.

Music - Dreamland 11.11:

Rooted in Greek Orthodox tradition, Saint Kyriaki draws its name from the Great Martyr, Saint Kyriaki. 

She goes by the nom de plume Katie Chonacas, a household name in the Hollywood film and TV industry.  Dreamland 1111, Saint Kyriaki's debut album, was released on her birthday, 11.11.


Team Seamless

Shogun Films named UK’s ‘Independent Film Production Company of the Year’

7th December 2021

Shogun Films, the disruptive indie film company focused on action movies for the international market, has been named as the UK’s Independent Production Company of the Year at the prestigious Corporate LiveWire Global Awards in London.

Founded by producer Jonathan Sothcott and his wife actress Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott shortly before the covid pandemic erupted, Shogun has already produced two movies in just over a year despite the challenges facing the global film industry — the critically acclaimed gangland home invasion thriller Nemesis and the action-packed revenge film Renegades.

In addition, Shogun expanded its reach with publishing and soundtrack divisions, releasing a glossy ‘making of’ book and CD soundtrack for Nemesis.

Shogun has attracted a host of international stars to its initial films including Lee Majors, Danny Trejo, Michael Paré, Louis Mandylor and the late Tiny Lister as well as UK favourites Ian Ogilvy, Billy Murray, Nick Moran and Patsy Kensit.

If you missed The Entertainment Engine podcast episode with film producer Jonathan Sothcott & actor Billy Murray, on Shoguns first release Nemesis, then be sure to give it a listen as they share some great comments and insight into the movie world!

Click on the link below to discover more from our chat with

 Jonathan & Billy;

For more information about Shogun Films click on the link below;


Team Seamless

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast  we welcome - Chris Korbey Co-Founder and CEO of StagePilot…

2nd December 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show CEO of StagePilot - Chris Korbey.


As co-founder and CEO of StagePilot, Chris has spent nearly a decade creating technologies and services that empower artists to grow, analyze, and monetize their global fan base.

Prior to StagePilot, Chris worked for and owned design and branding companies in New York, Boston, and Dallas creating campaigns for Scion, Stetson, Southwest Airlines, and other global brands whose names don't begin with an "S".

About StagePilot:

Is a global platform for live, virtual, and hybrid VIP experiences. Serving the entertainment industry in all its facets - including music, television, comedy, professional sports, streamers, and gamers - the innovative platform empowers artists and creators to engage, grow, and monetize their global audience through unforgettable moments for their biggest fans.

Their one-of-a-kind VIP experiences are designed based on extensive research of fanbase trends and the artist's own personality. 

We look forward to watching how StagePilot evolves and providing a great resource for music artists and their fans.


Team seamless

Seamless Entertainment launch Music industry Mentoring program & Courses for people pursuing a career in the music industry!

29th November 2021

Throughout the pandemic, the Seamless team wanted to create new energy and thinking across the entertainment space, with the launch and broadcast of The Entertainment Engine podcast, providing a new show for the entertainment industry — the next stage for the company is to launch a series of entertainment learning;

“Music mentoring, Consultancy services and Courses — to help creatives navigate the entertainment industry”

So let's take a closer look;

It is the team’s passion to inspire the next music industry professionals, to deliver exceptional music industry, advice, knowledge, and support for our clients through a seamless service.

Music mentoring program and courses

Music industry Courses

  • So which course is for you?
  • Music festival course program
  • The music business Industry overview course 
  • Artist management course

The “music business” is an extremely difficult place to navigate which can take years to learn, and sometimes it never sinks in, until one day that spark hits you and you SAY ‘now I understand’ but sometimes it can be too late with no more resources to pull upon!

The Seamless courses provide the most relevant and up-to-date skills for current and future music creatives to help them navigate the music industry and build a successful career.

To find out more click on the link and take your career to the next level;


Seamless team

On The Entertainment Engine podcast, Legendary Film composer & Singer-songwriter- Randy Edelman...

25th November 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show legendary Film Composer & Singer-songwriter - Randy Edelman to the show…

Randy Edelman grew up in Teaneck New Jersey, where he studied piano at an early age giving many recitals locally. After high school graduation, he enrolled at the Cincinnati Music Conservatory where he majored in piano and composition

While in Cincinnati he began freelancing as a music arranger at James Brown's King Records and also wrote original music for regional theatre. Upon graduation, Randy headed back to New York where he signed on as a staff writer at CBS April Blackwood Music. 

He also began playing piano in Broadway pit orchestras and continued his interest as a music arranger

He went out on the road as Music Director for many entertainers. It was while travelling that Randy began writing both his own music and lyrics with an eye toward doing his own albums.  It was the beginning of a decade of producing and writing his own solo albums.

Randy also has just penned and recorded a new single during the pandemic lockdown period. It is being released by Tribeca Records and is called "Comin' Out The Other Side"

His songs began being recorded by such popular recording artists as Barry Manilow ("Weekend In New England"), Olivia Newton-John, Patti LaBelle, The Carpenters, The 5th Dimension, Jackie DeShannon, Blood Sweat and Tears, Kool & The Gang, Agnetha Faltskog (ABBA), and Bing Crosby to name a few! 

The subsequent success of his records in the United Kingdom led to appearances on the Top of the Pops, concerts at the London Palladium and Drury Lane Theaters, and tours throughout Europe, Japan and Australia.

To listen to the episode with Randy, click on the link below;

BMI Top-Grossing Film Awards:

27 Dresses, The Mask, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Last of The Mohicans, Triple XXX, Kindergarten Cop, Six Days Seven Nights, Ghostbusters II, Anaconda, Twins, While You Were Sleeping…

In 2021, at long last, Sony Masterworks is releasing Edelman's orchestral score to Ghostbusters 2, in all formats. 

It was a pleasure to speak with Randy, what a career he has had, providing some really great insight to the music community, and we even had our own little concert by Randy on the podcast! Just amazing!!

Team Seamless

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome Multi-Platinum Music Producer  - Victor Merritt...

18th Nov 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast, we welcome our next guest to the show American music producer Victor Merritt

In his high school yearbook, Victor wrote, "Music is My Life". Grammy-nominated super producer Victor "Vino" Merritt is a humble, living legend, in the flesh. 

An acknowledged virtuoso in the music industry, Victor began training for his career at the prodigy‐like age of 15, playing multiple instruments in his family's small church. 

Tireless in his work ethic, the prolific Victor Merritt quickly established himself as a formidable musical force, with a trail of outstanding accomplishments.

A wildly successful producer/songwriter/musician, Merritt along with his production partner Gerald, established himself as an in‐demand producer since his early beginning; megastars lined up to work with him. 

He has added to the hit lists of music talents such as BabyFace, Kirk Franklin, Brownstone, K-CI & JOJO, Bobby Brown, Rome, 3T, Trinitee 5:7, U2 and countless others.

To listen to the full conversation with Victor click on the link below;

Victor has also lent his formidable talents to cinematic music, having contributed music to numerous movie soundtracks. 

Among them are the films "Woo", "How to Be a Player"," RUG RATS", "Bulworth", "Tales From The Hood" and "Blank-Man".

He's currently developing a new platform for young artists and producers to collaborate easily using digital technology.

Medium blog

By Seamless team

This week on The Entertainment Engine we welcome Ingenious Media Senior Investment manager  & Director for Made Up Ltd - Nick Beveridge…

11th November 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast, we welcome our next guest to the show Nick Beveridge senior investment manager at Ingenious Media & Finance director at Made Up Ltd.

Nick is an Investment Manager, responsible for the day to day running of the finance departments dealing with the maintenance of the accounting records to detailed implementation and monitoring of business plans and cash flow.

Some of the past investments that Nick has been directly involved in have included; Cream, Love Supreme, Shakedown, Just For Laughs, Taste Festivals, XOYO, Zoo Project, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Electric Star Pubs and The Prodigy album Invaders Must Die.

Prior to joining Ingenious in 2007, Nick was part of CMO Management who managed Gorillaz, Blur, Morcheeba, Ultravox and Thin Lizzy where he was Assistant Financial Controller for 10-years. Before that, he worked with the Hilton Hotel International.

Listen to the podcast episode with some great info from Nick Beveridge ;

It was a great chat with Nick, and an area vital for NEW music promoters to really understand the pitfalls of putting on events in today's world. 

But it looks like he has his time full working with Made Up and Ingenious - busy times ahead!

By Seamless team

Shogun Films and Bleiberg Entertainment unveiled first look sales poster for Daniel Zirilli’s highly anticipated blistering action revenge thriller — RENEGADES!

8th November 2021

Shogun Films and Bleiberg Entertainment have unveiled a first look sales poster for Daniel Zirilli’s highly anticipated blistering action revenge thriller RENEGADES ahead of it being introduced to buyers at the upcoming American Film Market.

Renegades boasts a heavyweight international cast including;

Lee Majors (The Fall Guy), Nick Moran (Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels), Danny Trejo (Heat), Ian Ogilvy (We Still Kill The Old Way), Louis Mandylor (Debt Collectors), Billy Murray (Rise of the Footsoldier), Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2), Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott (Nemesis), Michael Brandon (Dempsey & Makepeace), Paul Barber (The Long Good Friday), Michael Paré (Streets of Fire) and, in one of his final roles, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (No Holds Barred).

Renegades sees a group of ageing Special Forces Vets (Moran, Ogilvy, Murray, Trejo, Barber) set out on a crusade of violent revenge when their friend, former green beret Major Carver (Majors) is murdered by a ruthless drug gang led by Goram (Louis Mandylor).

With Carver’s daughter (Kensit) pushing for answers and the police (Sothcott) closing in, these old boys are determined to clean up the streets — or go out in one final blaze of glory.

Renegades is directed by action movie veteran Daniel Zirilli (Hollow Point, The Asian Connection) and produced by Jonathan Sothcott (Vendetta, We Still Kill The Old Way) from a script by Tom Jolliffe (Jurassic Island).

About Shogun Films:

Shogun Films is an award-winning disruptive independent production company specialising in the action genre.

The company’s first film, gangland home invasion thriller Nemesis starring Billy Murray and Bruce Payne was recently released in the USA by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The films theme song called Nemesis went to NO.1 on the iTunes chart, and is currently available on all streaming platforms…

Renegades is now in post-production.

Next up are mall siege thriller Crossfire (written by Chad Law and Josh Ridgway) and the international action epic Crackdown (from a Tom Jolliffe script) both to be directed by Daniel Zirilli. Certainly looking forward to the next instalment — RENEGADES.

If you missed The Entertainment Engine podcast episode with film producer Jonathan Sothcott & actor Billy Murray, on Shoguns first release Nemesis, then be sure to give it a listen as they share some great comments and insight into the movie world!

Click on the link below to discover more from our chat;

Marcus Welch on the Entertainment Engine

Marcus Welch - Co-founder of Tech platform - Quadio

This week The Entertainment Engine podcast welcomes Technology entrepreneur & Co-founder and CEO of Quadio - Marcus Welch.

4th November 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show Marcus Welch the co-founder of Quadio!

Marcus Welch, the co-founder of Quadio with his step-cousin Joe Welch, is CEO of the company. A lifelong fan of emerging, genre-blending, and experimental music who DJ'd his first radio show at 14.

Marcus entered the music industry after Cornell by joining Twitter's music partnerships team, where he worked with artists including Lizzo, Hinds, Erykah Badu, and Pusha T. 

He later joined BlizzardActivision in operations and digital marketing strategy roles for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, becoming a certified Scrum Master along the way. 

In 2018, galvanized by the idea that technology could unleash the untapped talent of college artists, he joined with Joe to create a digital hub for collaboration, opportunity, and exposure. 

Starting with creating lo-fi wireframes in their Brooklyn apartment, Marcus spearheaded the conceptualization of Quadio's product vision and design and competitive strategy and has grown the company to nearly 30+ team members engaged in activities ranging from engineering and finance to data analysis and social media. 

To learn more about Marcus journey, listen to the full podcast below;

Quadio Records recently announced a partnership with Sony's Disruptor label, and, working closely with six rising stars in genres from Uke Trap to Bedroom Pop, is scheduled to release more than a dozen singles by the end of 2020.

Few start-ups stay the same from inception through actualization, even in normal times, but with Quadio what remains unchanged is the commitment of its founders and the entire team (now 28 strong) to champion the next generation of creatives, unleashing the power of community.

By Seamless team

Back stage with Leland Sklar

Iconic bass guitarist & Session musician - Leland Sklar

This week on the podcast show we welcome legendary Session Musician & Bass Guitarist - Leland Sklar!

27th October 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show iconic musician & bass guitarist - Leland Sklar!

Leland Bruce Sklar (born May 28, 1947) is an American electric bass guitarist and session musician. 

He is a member of the Los Angeles-based instrumental group The Section, who served as the de facto house band of Asylum Records and were one of the progenitors of the soft rock sound prevalent on top-40 radio in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Besides appearing as the backing band on numerous recordings by artists such as Jackson Browne, Carole King, Phil Collins, Linda Ronstadt, and James Taylor, Reba McEntire, the Section also released three solo albums of instrumental rock. 

And never one to remain idle his very recognizable bass playing style, Sklar has entered the new millennium with a vengeance, taking on new projects with Willie Nelson, Steven Curtis Chapman, Nils Lofgren, Lisa Loeb, plus much more.

Leland Sklar has been a prominent figure among Hollywood session bassists dating back to the 1970s and ever since. 

To listen to the full podcast episode with Leland, click on the link below;

He also has toured with James Taylor, Toto, Phil Collins and other major rock and pop acts, and recorded many soundtracks to films and television shows.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Leland, recently on the podcast show with his enthusiasm, energy and desire to still push forward creating some great music around the world...

By The Seamless Team

This week on the show we welcome Phil Guerini -Music industry power player Disney Executive & CEO of the Jonas Group …

21st October 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we welcome our next guest to the show former Disney Executive and  CEO of The Jonas Group - Phil Guerini.

It was great to speak with Phil and learn about his time at Disney for over 25+ years and his new appointment as the CEO of the Jonas Group. We spoke about his past experiences and shares his outlook for the coming year ahead for the entertainment industry!

Guerini has worked with a host of stars including; Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Shawn Mendes, Gabby Barrett, Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, BTS, Zendaya, Becky G and Kelsea Ballerini among many others.

Jonas Group Entertainment has announced that music industry power player Phil Guerini has joined the team as CEO.

Based in Nashville, Guerini will be at the helm of Jonas Group Entertainment. The company was founded in 2005 by Kevin Jonas, Sr., who was managing his sons, Grammy-nominated, multi-Platinum selling group Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Group:

Jonas Group Entertainment. Are a talent management company focused on helping guide their artists down a path that will lead to opportunity, fulfilment, and ultimately success

They are passionate about people and entertainment and believe that authenticity, vision, and hard work are key to success. 

Jonas Group Entertainment also houses entertainment, publishing, and marketing divisions, with offices in Nashville and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The group also have associated business;

The Jonas Media Group & Nellies Southen Chicken

"Life is truly an unpredictable blessing and every once in a while, we're lucky enough to experience a full-circle moment. 

I've been extremely fortunate to have spent the last 28+ years of my career with the world's leader in family entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and I plan to bring that knowledge and experience to Jonas Group Entertainment," Guerini says.

To listen to the full podcast episode with Phil Guerini - Just click on the link below;

Early life:

Phil Guerini was Vice President, Music Strategy, Disney Channels Worldwide and General Manager, Radio Disney Networks

Overseeing the music strategy of the DCWW networks, including Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and all aspects of Radio Disney programming, its strategic direction, and the daily management for Radio Disney, Radio Disney Junior, and Radio Disney Country.

Helping to build GLOBAL careers for artists like; Selina Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber to Kelsea Ballerini, Fifth Harmony, plus much more!

It was great to speak with Phil and we wish him all the best for his new appointment as CEO and look forward to seeing how he progresses at the Jonas Group over the coming years!

By Seamless Team

How to make money Podcasting? Five Ways You Can Monetize your show…

17th October 2021

Are you thinking of starting a podcast and want to know how to make ANY money from this area? Or do you already have a podcast show and are looking to increase your revenues for your show?

Some work really well, and others work best once you’re more established. You’ll find at least one to even two ways to make money podcasting.

Look at Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing or performance marketing is where you get a commission when you refer people to other companies.

Affiliate marketing works best when you promote products or services that you use.

You could create your own “ad” spot to promote an affiliate offer if you don’t have the audience size for sponsorships. Or include a mention of a product or service as you deliver your show.

Sponsorship & Advertising:

Advertising and sponsorships are probably the first things you think of when looking for ways to make money from your podcast show!

There are several different podcast “ad” networks that connect you with advertisers. They do all the work of finding advertisers, negotiating rates, etc.

And here is the KICKER — You usually need a larger audience of at least 5K in some cases 10K listeners per month — There is always a downside for sure!

What Services do you offer?

You can offer services that tie in with the content on your podcast show. By showing that you know what you are talking about on a topic, people would get that expert level. This made it much easier to get clients without having to “sell” them.

For more information on how to monetize your podcast show - click on the link; Medium

By Pete Moore

Season 3 - We welcome to the podcast show - Paul Duddridge former manager to Michael McIntyre & Rob Brydon...

7th October 2021

A warm welcome back to The Entertainment Engine podcast show, we kick off Season - 3 and welcome our next guest to the show comedy agent, writer and producer - Paul Duddridge.

Born in Cardiff, Wales Duddridge attended Radyr Comprehensive School in his early years. Duddridge then started his career at the BBC as a writer on the children's game show Run the Risk.

We caught up with Paul from his house in LA and chatted about the "entertainment industry" From Michael McIntyre's former Manager To App Creator and founder at Entertainment Coach…

Before his California move in 2007, he was an influential comedy agent who represented the likes of Phil Jupitus, Rob Brydon, Alistair McGowan and Michael McIntyre.

Between the years 2000 and 2007, Paul produced and wrote various successful comedy shows for UK TV networks. 

He also created and co-wrote shows with Rob Brydon, including as well as producing and writing BBCs Annually Retentive and The Keith Barret Show.

Paul is also an award-winning film director and has worked with Hollywood legends Susan Sarandon, Selma Blair, Christina Ricci and Sharon Stone

Listen to Part 1 & Part 2 of the chat with Paul Duddridge. 

Just click on the link's below to learn more from his time managing Rob Brydon & Michael McIntyre plus much more;

His UK movie 'Together' in 2018 starring Peter Bowles and Sylvia Syms was the biggest cinema release for an independent British movie.

In next week show, we talk with Paul Duddridge again this time about his NEW venture - Entertainment Coach more on this in next weeks show.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE on your favourite podcast platform for all the latest news and guest information...

The Podcast team.

International podcast Day — With The Bad Gift Podcast show & The Entertainment Engine, plus many other TOP podcast shows!

2nd October 2021

It's that time of year again to celebrateInternational Podcast Day, with some excellent podcast shows for your listening pleasure!

This year The Entertainment Engine podcast was invited by host James Warwick of "Bad Gift’" Podcast to be featured in a special episode celebrating The International Podcast Day to share our story and a “Bad Gift” story with many other GREAT podcast shows and hosts in attendance to celebrate this day!

International Podcast Day — September 30 2021 — is an international celebration of the power of podcasts!

The history behind the day:

Just as podcasts and podcasting have evolved over the years, International Podcast Day has done the same. In 2014, National Podcast Day was celebrated.

After quickly realizing the power of podcasts internationally, they rebranded into what we are today — International Podcast Day, September 30.

Between 2015–2020, they live streams over 200 hours from nearly 100 nations featuring 350 podcasters to share their podcast journeys, personal stories, and expertise across the podcasting landscape!

In 2021, the team ended the live broadcasting. Let’s keep the celebration going year after year and continue to make our day amazing and spectacular.

The Purpose:

International Podcast Day™ is September 30th is an international celebration of the power of podcasts!

The celebration is a great opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry.

Help spread the word by telling your friends, sharing the celebration on your podcasts and social media feeds, and using #InternationalPodcastDay.

There are several ways to get involved and plenty to benefit from by taking part in International Podcast Day.

But first, we must all “Start The Conversation” and share the power of podcasts! 

Just a few Benefits of Being a Part of International Podcast Day!

  • Learn from podcasting, marketing, and production experts
  • Connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, and audio enthusiasts
  • Learn about new tools, methods, and tricks to improve your podcast

It was great to be asked to be involved, for more information about this great day, go to — for more info and happy podcasting!

By Pete Moore

How to Start your Music career with Six key steps to move forward!

13th Sept 2021

How to start in the music industry today, so you have a bright idea? Technology has really opened a host of new opportunities for people around the Globe to help build you a music career!

The music industry is — changing, expanding and evolving to meet new demands. Instead of competing for traditional jobs, among musicians, or as soloists, they are looking at alternative career opportunities to forge a path.

People have more opportunities than ever to enter a music career, with so many tools available to us all. With social media and global communications, the prospects are open to many opportunities.

There are certain steps you need to take to ensure that you reach the goals you have in mind... So let us take a look!

Building a strong entrepreneurial mindset:

To forge a new path, you have to be willing to take some risks. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They take an idea that will allow them to make it a reality but also go through the pain barrier.

This means that you’ll need to learn to write a business plan. There are many free resources available online if you search ‘music business plan.’ Remember, you’ll need to do your homework on this there are NO shortcuts!

Tip: You can also engage professional people like an accountant or a lawyer and they will only be too happy to assist and give you some time and feedback on your plan — if you don't ask you don't get it!

Great idea’s fail without the right planning and direction, this is a fact!

To learn more about developing a music business plan click on the link below;

Music industry planning

The Entertainment Engine podcast show for Music, Film & TV

Podcast show

CALLING all Bands, Artists & Musicians, would you like your music to be showcased on The Entertainment Engine podcast?

5th September 2021

CALLING all bands, artists and musicians, would you like your music to be showcased on The Entertainment Engine podcast for — SEASON 3 COMING SOON?

If so, please keep reading to find out more!

The podcast show is looking to showcase bands & artists, for SEASON 3 for the ‘Artist Engine Spotlight’ each month. Featuring some of the best “indie” music from around the World, the show has already showcased music and artists from;

South America, United Kingdom, USA & Australia…

The Entertainment Engine weekly podcast series is created by Seamless Entertainment to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters, and creatives.

We have informal chats, providing in-depth knowledge, advice, and professional experience. We’re joined by special guests on the show and keep our listeners updated with current industry news, fun facts, and trends.

To learn more about the artist spotlight please send your website and music links, via dropbox/Soundcloud, etc (no attachments please) to us via the email below;

[email protected]

The team look forward to receiving more great music to be featured on The Entertainment Engine podcast show!

Good luck everyone!

The best streaming services for 2021...

26th August 2021

You now have many more places to watch your favourite TV programs than ever before. But, choosing the right streaming service for your home entertainment setup depends on several factors, your budget, titles you like to watch, and how many screens!

Netflix has grown from a startup to an industry juggernaut, while major studios having entered the marketplace with services like Disney Plus, HBO & Paramount TV.

With so much more choice today with TV & Film programming — We take a look at some of the BIG streaming platforms of today— Netflix, Amazon & Disney plus!

To learn more about the streaming companies click on the link to discover more.

Qualities To Look For In A Good Music Manager — Part 1.

16th August 2021

Now that you’ve got a solid band or artist, and some songs to back you up it’s time to look for a music manager.

Of course, you could try managing your band, but if you want to get places and make money, searching for a good music manager is essential in the music industry today!

The band manager’s responsibilities include financial planning, publicity and marketing, and acting as your adviser in all band/artist-related business ventures.

There are many qualities you can look for when looking for an excellent manager — someone who will stand by your band and help you find success within the music & entertainment industry.


When you’re first starting you may come across or be approached by potential managers looking to get into the music business...

To continue click on the link  to discover more key areas about becoming a - Music manager

Band and Artists merchandise

Artist & Band Fashion...

A Guide To Merchandise For Music Artists & Bands…

9th August 2021

With many gigs and tours on hold for music artists around the world, putting together a merchandise strategy has never been more important for artists and bands.

Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, hats, or posters, selling merchandise is a great way to maintain an income stream and keeping your relationship with your fans strong!

With so many music fans stuck at home due to the pandemic, they’re also hungry for connection to their favourite artists.

From developing your merch look-and-feel to designing and selling it. Below are some useful tips and ideas to maximize your merchandising for that band and artist cool look...

Merchandise Guide for Music Artists

Season - 3 of The Entertainment Engine podcast coming September 2021...

26th July 2021

SEASON - 3 of The Entertainment Engine podcast coming this September. 

Sharing helpful tips and information for new and existing creatives, to help people navigate the entertainment industry.

We speak with world-renowned guests on the podcast who provide in-depth knowledge, advice, and experience for people working in the creative industries.

We look forward to welcoming you to the show.

The Entertainment Engine team

Music Industry Mentoring & Course programs!

20th July 2021

What qualities and skills do you need to be a music promoter?

Join Now!

The music industry can be a really difficult place to navigate, so the team is developing a series of "mentoring & masterclasses" dedicated to the music industry sector!

Limited availability! 

Our Online Music Industry Masterclasses, Mentoring & Courses launching SOON!

Subscribe to get our latest updates by email. 

(Click the link to get a free PDF explaining more about our first 3 courses)


Team Seamless

Music festival Promoter Mentoring & Finance course. Are you looking to take your music career to the next stage?

8th July 2021

Throughout the pandemic, the Seamless team wanted to create new energy and thinking across the entertainment space, with the launch and broadcast of The Entertainment Engine podcast, providing a new show for the entertainment industry.

The next stage for the company is to launch a series of entertainment learning through mentoring and courses.

It is the team’s passion to inspire the next music industry professionals, to deliver exceptional music industry, advice, knowledge, and support for our clients through a seamless service.

We pride ourselves on our unique offering, with clear and concise information from seasoned entertainment executives supporting our clients across their entertainment journey with a choice of music industry topics including;

Music festival promoter mentoring course. The first course from the seamless team!

The music festival course and mentoring program have been developed to provide NEW music promoters with the tools, knowledge, and experience from our seasoned team.

You will learn the “ins and outs” of the music festival world, from how to write the festival plan to selling your first festival ticket, raising capital to build your five-year plan, and your exit strategy!

You also learn how to mitigate the risks working with investors and banks, self-funding, and how you deal with agents, managers, attorneys, accountants & your bank managers!

OK, let us take a look at the course module sample from the “Music promoter & Finance” course;

Module One:

  • Festival Overview & Executive Summary
  • Music festival history — mission and objectives
  • Address covid-19 Public health & safety
  • Current festival marketplace
  • Where does your festival sit in the calendar?
  • What is the goal? competition? why are you different?
  • The executive summary — your festival vision & finance plan?
  • Become the premier summer event in the region?
  • Offer the most sustainable festival experience?

The music festival promoters course is delivered over 9 modules working over a 6 week period with an easy pace to learn each module.

The music industry is a difficult place to navigate, so more advice, support, and learning across the industry is a great thing to help the next generation move forward in their entertainment careers, and be the next BIG music festival promoter!

To learn more email;  [email protected]

By Pete Moore

Legendary musician Scott Page; Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Toto

Musician & Technologist - Scott Page

This week on the podcast show we chat with Legendary musician Scott Page - Pink Floyd, Supertramp & Toto…

1st July 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome our next guest to the show, legendary musician Scott Page!

Scott Page is an American musician, technologist, and entrepreneur known for his saxophone and rhythm guitar work with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. 

He is currently CEO of Think: EXP, a Los Angeles-based media company focused on live immersive entertainment.

Scott has led a number of ventures, including Walt Tucker Productions, an audio-video post-production company that produced projects for The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Scorpions, and others. 

Scott then went on to co-found 7th Level, Inc., a CD-ROM game and educational software company where he co-produced Tuneland, an interactive musical cartoon (starring Howie Mandel and featuring David Gilmour), the Monty Python interactive series, and was integral to the development of QD7, an interactive multimedia joint venture with Quincy Jones and David Salzman that resulted from Jones' partnering with the company.

To learn more about our chat with Scott please click on the link below;

Early Life:

Scott Page is the son of musician Bill Page, best known for his work as a reed player and member of the Lawrence Welk Band. He was also a fixture with The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Scott Page's earliest nationally broadcast musical performance was on television network American Broadcasting Company's (ABC's) Lawrence Welk Show; he played trumpet, in an appearance with his father.


Following his musical performances on the Lawrence Welk Show as a child, Page played in-studio projects for Geronimo Black, The Alpha Band, and the Ladd McIntosh Big Band in his early adult years.

Page played oboe on the self-titled Geronimo Black album. He came to prominence, however, on Supertramp's 1983 … Famous Last Words … Tour. 

Following that tour, Page would then go on to record with Supertramp on their 1985 album Brother Where You Bound. 

He played flute on the album. That production would become his first artistic intersection with Pink Floyd guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour, who also played on the album.


Scott Page joined Supertramp in support of the … Famous Last Words … Tour (1983). It marked the first time additional musicians would join Supertramp as touring band members. 

The tour also featured Fred Mandel among the added personnel. During that tour, Scott Page was also occasionally playing the guitar and the flute.

In addition to his instrumental work on the tour, Page provided vocals, e.g., on the live version of the hit It's Raining Again.

Page's tenure with Supertramp was embedded in a transitional period for the band. 

The tour marked the first time Hodgson spoke to the audience during shows, thanking fans and announcing his forthcoming departure from the band. 

It was Supertramp's most ambitious tour, filling stadiums around the world and elevating Page's status as a recognizable figure in his own right.


In 1985 Scott Page had the opportunity to tour with Toto (between the end of Supertramp's … Famous Last Words … Tour and the band's return to the studio for work on Brother Where You Bound). 

This was a promotional tour for Toto's album Isolation. The 1985 leg of the tour spanned February through May of that year and two dates in April 1986.

In 1986, Page was approached by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour for work on an upcoming album by the band's new incarnation following Roger Waters' departure in 1985. 

He would eventually be asked to join the band on its extensive A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, marking the end of his stints with Toto and Supertramp.

Pink Floyd:

As Pink Floyd prepared for their first tour in a new incarnation, Gilmour and Mason began looking for musicians that could add a combination of musical skills and "showmanship" in an effort to put across more energy in the band's stage show.

Page was hired and immediately joined the band in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for rehearsals. 

Page played for the duration of the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour with the exception of the band's last performance under that tour's umbrella: an isolated, special performance at Knebworth Park on June 30, 1990.

Despite being cast as part of the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, the Knebworth Park date took place nearly one year after the preceding tour date and included a number of guest musicians that were not part of the band's regular recording and touring team.

Mason referred to Scott Page as "another stage show in his own right." Page "would be rendered instantly recognizable to fans in even the cheapest stadium seats by his lavish mullet hairstyle."

As Pink Floyd historian Mark Blake illustrates in Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd, the band was specifically looking to add "the presence of younger and more flamboyant band members" and Page was a good fit with his "elaborately coiffured" look and a willingness to participate to the fullest extent possible in the band's live performance (often adding the texture of an additional rhythm guitar between saxophone performances).

Producer Bob Ezrin would later state that Page "came with the territory;" the band meant for it "to be a more visual show."

Musician and entrepreneur Scott Page; Pink Floyd

Musician Scott Page


Scott Page has initiated several notable charity fundraising benefit events, concerts, recordings, film, video, and online projects. 

In November 1992 he created "The Grand Scientific Musical Theatre," a multimedia concert and fundraiser held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada (as part of COMDEX/Fall, the computer industry's largest trade show) to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Scott, and he's one of those musicians that has really embraced technology and turned it to his advantage, there is a lesson in there for all musicians and especially the new generation!

By Pete Moore

Part 1 — Some Tips on Writing a Successful business plan for your Music career!

24th June 2021

This week we delve into Part 1Tips on Writing a Successful Business plan for your music career.

Over the next few articles, we will be sharing a step by step guide on writing a business plan dedicated to artists, musicians, and bands for all the creativity needed to sustain a career in music, having a business plan is one way to stay properly grounded, and define your goals and objectives on paper.

Many artists struggle with art versus commerce. Artists need time to make music and formalize their visions but also need to eat and pay the rent.

Artists who become famous when they are young often must learn business skills as they go along the path, usually learning the price of ignorance by being ripped off down the line — but this is a necessary evil and one you will learn as time goes by.

For those of us on the ground level, having a plan can mean the difference between being able to make a living as a musician.

But the most important suggestion from me, take it one step at a time! This kind of work can be really overwhelming for creatives.

To learn more about this area please click on the link below and we wish you great success in your continued entertainment career!

Medium blog

By Pete Moore

This week on the podcast we had a chat with Swiss-born Singer-Songwriter Nubya…

June 17th, 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome our next guest to the show singer-songwriter Nubya from Switzerland for a chat!

It was a real refreshing chat, with lots of energy and enthusiasm, especially with what has gone on in the world this past year, good ENERGY is a really positive thing!

"Now and today is the best time of my life," says Nubya and she doesn't mean it simply purposefully, but with full conviction. 

The singer has reached a point in her life where she pauses, looks back, and looks ahead. A mature personality, a person who is responsible for herself and who also transfers this responsibility to others. A woman, feminine and strong, sexy and self-confident, melancholy and optimistic.

Nubya has experienced ups and downs in her career and life - like everyone else

"But I believe that there is a good reason why we also have to walk through the valleys of life. When we find ourselves in such a valley, we ask why, but when we stand up again and look back, we recognize the meaning. "

So every moment, every stage of life, whether good or bad, ultimately has a positive effect because it makes people what they are. "There is still so much waiting for me out there in life, I just have to get involved".

"Anyone who hesitates and only thinks in small ways will not achieve what they really want. You should never limit your dreams and thoughts, "says Nubya.

To listen more to our chat with Nubya, please click on the link below;

She has not restricted herself musically or lyrically on her new CD "Today", which is certainly the singer's most personal. 

Not only because she wrote almost all of the lyrics herself, but because she coordinated and directed the entire production for over a year. The songs tell a lot about Nubya, how she thinks, what moves her, how she feels: 

"I want to express what I feel with my lyrics." So she sings about love, but also about the turbulence in life, she reminds us of the power of saying no and reflects the feelings of living as a hybrid between two worlds. 

They are very personal songs that a mature Nubya sings.

A look back at Nubya's past makes this maturation process plausible. She was born in Basel in 1974 as the daughter of a Swiss mum and a Nigerian father. 

She only spends two short years of her life in Nigeria, she then comes back to Switzerland with her mother. She graduated from high school in Basel and then travels to New York for a year. The impressions she collects in this melting pot shape her to this day: 

"I have never experienced so much in a single year and met such great people. It was a whole new world for me".

She attends a jazz school and sings in a gospel choir. As a child, she took piano lessons for nine years, but here in New York, she lives the music. 

The musicians and singers with whom she is hanging out here also give the beautiful, slim, dark-skinned woman a name: Nubya. Back in Basel, she studies economics and also sings in bands, but engagements are increasing. 

"At some point, I had to decide: Do I want to sing or study?" Nubya decided to sing.

Singer, songwriter, music, video, swiss, Rebel, song, video

Singer songwriter Nubya

Her breakthrough came with a breakdown: in 1999 she was to appear in the opening act for Whitney Houston in the Zurich Hallenstadion

The technology went on strike, the young singer's half-playback performance threatens to fail. Nubya sings a capella, the audience is enthusiastic and even Whitney Houston pays her respect. 

Now the Basel woman is suddenly in the spotlight. Her first album is released and she is hosting a lifestyle program on television. Do I want to sing or study now? "Nubya has decided to sing. 

That was the moment when people started recognizing me on the street from one day to another.

Nubya then started working on her third album which was a German record. When she had around 5 songs, she started looking for a record deal in Germany and then got signed by the major label - Sony BMG Germany

At that time Nubya was living in Germany and touring the country with her own band and with other projects, such as Night of the Proms (that year she was in the proms and toured with Roger Daltrey, Manfred Mann & Chris Thompson, John Miles, the Safri Duo).

She then moved to Zurich and released a cover album. There are people who say that when an artist isn't happy in life they do a cover album.

She then decided to do her next album by herself, under her own label with resources of her own, and raised the finances to bring her vision to life and it was the best decision that Nubya made and never looked backed! It came out as Nubya's most personal album.

Nubya's new song "Rebel" was released on March 26th, 2021. The song is the first single off her new album, which will be released in January 2022, and will be produced by Alan Glass and Yannic Fonderie.

A real interesting journey of creativity and experience, along the way for Nubya. We are certainly looking forward to the next album from this Swiss-born singer-songwriter!

By Peter Moore

Eileen Shapiro Celebrity Rock Star Journalist & Partner of World Star PR Drops by for a Chat!

June 10th, 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome our next guest to the show Celebrity Rock STAR journals Eileen Shapiro for a chat!

Eileen Shapiro is an ICONIC journalist who is world-renowned in the realms of music, television, and film. 

A veteran entertainment personality, Eileen Shapiro gives readers an uncensored view of life as one of the most prominent celebrity journalists in the world on her international quest to meet and interview her biggest obsession, Adam Ant.

Eileen Shapiro has great industry relations & work diligently backed up by an A-List team to get the results you are looking for.

Eileen Shapiro began her literary voyage by writing for the Science Fiction publication "The Star Trek Giant Poster Book", which led to her writing the best-selling official book entitled 

"The Star Trek Medical Reference Manual." 

Interviewing Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) and numerous members of the Star Trek cast was the beginning of an illustrious career that has grown exponentially to include the biggest celebrities in the world. 

To put it in entertainment jargon, "A Star Was Born."

To learn more about the chat with Eileen, please click on the link below;

On her "Waiting for Adam" journey, Eileen crossed paths with iconic legends including Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick, Cyndi Lauper, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, Ice-T, Nile Rogers, Mary Wilson, Annie Lennox, and Brook Shields to name a small few. 

Her writing was motivated by Adam Ant, and now after six years of writing and traveling to three continents, she finally gets to interview her lifelong obsession.

The book will take the reader on an amazing journey with Eileen, filled with fun entertainment, music, film, television, and celebrity on her travels to interview the man of her musical dreams. 

"Waiting for Adam" is the perfect story for anyone who has a celebrity obsession and wants to turn their dreams into reality.

Eileen Shapiro Celebrity Rock Star Journalist

Celebrity Journalist Eileen Shapiro

About Eileen Shapiro:

Eileen's knowledge of pop culture and the glitterati is encyclopedic, with her engaging prose has earned her a byline in over 50+ entertainment, music, and LGBT magazines and is also a partner of World Star PR.

Eileen is currently writing many celebrity interviews & reviews and cover features for a gay weekly entertainment publication based in New York, and distributed throughout the East Coast, entitled "Get Out Magazine"

She writes for over 50+ publications and also a partner of World Star PR.

Her ongoing support of LGBTQ+ artists and causes is also well-known, far beyond the five boroughs. 

Over the epic course of all that reportage and publicizing, Eileen has accumulated plenty of fascinating tales about her experiences with the famous and infamous, the outgoing and the outrageous, ranging from iconic R&B/pop diva Diana Ross to the one and only Adam Ant.

If you're a habitué of the nightclub scene in and around New York City, you've probably rubbed elbows with Eileen Shapiro, the doyenne of nightlife reporting in the Big Apple

Eileen has covered her starlit beat for decades, interviewing luminaries from every corner of the entertainment industry while becoming a rock star among celebrity journalists along the way. 

Her work as a publicist with World Star PR, a top media-relations group, has further enhanced her bona fides.

It was a real pleasure to speak with Eileen and learn about her career over the years, with some great stories and interviews to tell.

I would say a colorful career, with all the ups and downs of the entertainment industry has to offer, Eileen has carved a career and maintained her integrity, honesty within the celebrity world as a true professional!

By Peter Moore

Leslie Brown Independent Casting Director stops by for a chat with The Entertainment Engine podcast!

June 3rd, 2021

This week on the Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome our next guest to the show independent casting Director Leslie Brown for a chat!

Leslie Brown is an independent Casting Director. Her specialty is helping independent directors and producers find undiscovered talent who will become the next stars, for their films, tv projects, and commercials beginning with the international award-winning short film United, which she produced, she found that she really enjoyed the casting process. 

She has cast over 50 Public Service Announcements (PSA's), dozens of product testimonial commercials as well as multiple short films and a handful of features. 

She has done extensive travel to more than 20 countries, for documentary work and Video Journalism. 

With a global perspective, she takes pride in finding "real" people for meaningful projects." The international film Nomad shot in 26 countries with actors Leslie cast from around the world.

Leslie explains "I help independent directors and producers find undiscovered talent who will become the next stars, for their feature films, tv projects, and commercials".

To learn more about the chat with Leslie click on the link below;

In 2004 Leslie produced her inaugural showpiece, UNITED, a TXL Films production for Youth for Human Rights International. 

This short film premiered inside the United Nations and went on to screen at more than 20 film festivals, win 7 awards, and qualify for an Academy Award nomination.

Since then, Leslie continued to support YHRI and cast a series of 30 PSAs along with 21 ads for The Way to Happiness Foundation

She also cast numerous short films for students at NYFA (LA), and CCH, several commercials, and three feature-length films for up-and-coming directors. 

Specializing in finding talented multi-ethnic youth, Leslie has been focusing on casting commercials for since 2011.

Production Skills: 

Casting for feature films, web series, television pilot, multiple short films, over 50 Public Service Announcements, and commercials/industrials. Specializing in finding new multi-ethnic youth talent

Also experience in Production, Story Consulting, Production Coordinator, Photography, and some editing

With extensive International travel to more than 20 countries, for documentary work.

Casting Director for Film & TV shows

Leslie Brown

Leslie certainly has plenty of experience in her field, providing a valuable service to the film community, helping to find that hidden talent, for the world to see.

As the movie industry is starting to open up a little more, it's going to be an interesting journey over the next few months even years, and sure enough Leslie Brown is going to be at the forefront of finding the next stars of tomorrow for your film or tv production!

By Pete Moore

Evan Price Music industry Manager & CEO of Artist Collective dropped by for a Chat!

May 27th 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome CEO of Artist Collective Evan Price, to the show. We learn about his career in the music industry and the current projects he is involved with.

Leading Music Education Resource 'Artist Collective' Tackles Music Industry Myths with Four-Pillared SuperFan Training Program.

Artist Collective is the brainchild of CEO and artist manager extraordinaire Evan Price. After 15 years in the industry, he has had firsthand experience in every corner of the industry.

Reinforcing that knowledge with a Bachelors's Degree in Music Business from Columbia College Chicago, he offers his expertise through online training and handcrafted consultations.

His mindful approach encourages artists to invest in personal branding, creating real fan connections, while focusing on collaboration rather than competition.

To learn more about our chat with Evan, please click on the link below;

Living that sentiment, he invites his impressive network to share their expertise through industry chats, giving independent artists access they could have only dreamed of!

There's no question that the music industry has seen vast changes since the top of 2020. Concerts shutdown. 

Festivals were rescheduled…and then rescheduled again. And amidst social unrest, artists started releasing more music than ever before. With the climate changing at a rapid pace, artists were left unsure of what strategies they should focus on. 

Fully aware of the fact that musicians might be seeking some direction, the top educational music resource center Artist Collective has introduced a four-pillared 'Simple Music Money' training system. 

In doing this, they have identified the four most important elements that artists should hyper-focus on in order to build a full-time career around their passions. 

These elements include working on brand identity, ways to reach out to your target audience, content strategy, and how to navigate income streams. 

In an industry already accustomed to keeping up with social and technological developments, companies like Artist Collective have tapped into the value they can offer artists during an intense time of transition and self-reflection in quarantine.

CEO, Artist, Collective, Seamless, Podcast, show

Evan Price CEO of Artist collective based out of Chicago

Pic: Evan Price 

In order to help turn superfans into profits, Artist Collective has decided to replace courses with one-on-one coaching. 

Through this, they have helped artists to identify and cultivate superfans, run fully executed marketing campaigns, create and manage fan subscriptions, develop easy content strategies, and most importantly, become full-time creatives! 

Previously featured as a top remote education resource by Billboard, the Chicago-based company services fans across the globe. 

Focused primarily on helping artists to turn their part-time hobby into a full-time business. 

Their new four-pillared system plans to take things up a notch; equipping artists with the tools that they need in order to bust industry myths about what's actually required for them to create their own sustainable business

It is meant to help artists to simplify how to build their business in order to prevent them from investing in the wrong things (i.e. playlist, ads, social media growth, etc) too early in their careers.

Founded by Lead Educator and Branding Specialist Evan Price as well as Monetization Expert/Singer-Songwriter Vinnie Hines, Artist Collective has dedicated itself to assisting independent artists with the strategies, tools, and the means to create a sustainable business out of their passions for several years.

Joined by their Head of Digital Marketing Willy Chill as well as the Head of Content Marketing Leonard Patterson, the quartet has proven an unstoppable force among music start-ups.

This 40-minute FREE training highlights the 4 key pillars of building a profitable music brand as well as topics of high curiosity including:

1- The simple path to turn strangers into SuperFans and SuperFans into profits

2- The real reason playlists and metrics don't matter (as much as you think)

3- How to start making money from your existing fanbase (no matter how small)

4- The surprising reason you get streams on your music, but no real sales.

5- How to get out of your day job and make even more money with your music

The Number #1 Goal: 

To deliver truthful, hard-hitting facts so that artists don't fall victim to industry con artists who will try wasting their time on expensive ads or fake playlists. 

It's time to bust industry myths as we head into a new chapter in 2021.

It was great to chat with Evan,  he certainly has a great outlook and knowledge to share with artists and bands, to build a stronger independent sector based in his hometown of Chicago USA.

The whole entertainment industry has taken a real dive this last year, so it is time to have some light at the end of the tunnel to help dreams become a reality!

By Pete Moore

In conversation with Sheila Conlin CEO of The Conlin Company, discussing her career trailblazing Reality TV!

May 20th  2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome Sheila Conlin  CEO and President of the Conlin Company, to the show.

It was one of those conversations, you learn more and more, after speaking about Sheila's times as tour manager for legendary "comedian" Phyllis Diller, she then went on to be the agent for the legendary - Johnny Cash among others that also included - Harry Connick Junior & Tony Bennett

A real inspirational conversation.

Sheila Conlin is best known as the driving force behind creating the criteria, systems, and approach to casting for reality television

Her ability to identify the unique talents and skills found in each of us and mold unscripted ensemble casts that propel a concept forward has established her as one of the seminal figures in the development of the reality television format.

It has always been Sheila's passion to discover and nurture the unique talents that make up a great reality cast. 

To help her harness her own passion, she created "Breaking Into Reality", a way for everybody who believes they are the next great unscripted talent to discover if they truly have what it takes.

Sheila Conlin owns and operates The Conlin Company, a full-service casting, development, and production company in Los Angeles, with additional resources in New York and Europe

Conlin specializes in casting, development, and production of reality television shows, host and expert casting, commercials, films, documentaries, and campaigns.

Conlin has functioned in virtually every aspect of production: executive producer, producer, story producer, associate producer, line producer, production manager, and director of talent development and research

She has served as a producer and/or casting director for some of the most successful reality television series on primetime programming.

To learn more about the chat with Sheila, click on the link below;

How it all started for Sheila!

Starting out in the industry as Phyllis Diller's tour manager, Conlin moved on to become a talent agent with Agency of the Performing Arts, representing music and comedy talent. 

Talent representation was a natural segue into producing and casting for the clip, variety, and reality shows

Conlin is considered a trailblazer in the reality television genre for her role in defining the criteria and developing the systems needed to bring real people to the TV screen. 

Sheila Conlin also identified a niche for European production companies, leading The Conlin Company to provide casting and pre-production services in the U.S.

Conlin is a producer of FOX's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell - with the Celebrity chef - Gordon Ramsay!

Credits include!

Additional producer and co-producer credits include Chef Academy (Bravo), Nanny 911 (FOX), Marriage 911 (FOX), It Girls (VH1), Guinness Book of World Records Primetime (FOX), Hidden Victims: Children of Domestic Violence (Lifetime), TV's Greatest Christmas Moments (FOX), Oops: The World's Funniest Outtakes (FOX), You Asked For It (NBC), and When Animals Attack (FOX).

Conlin is the casting director for some of the most successful reality television series on primetime networks (ABC, FOX, NBC):

Hell's Kitchen; Kitchen Nightmares; Hotel Hell; Utopia, The Swan; Nanny 911; True Beauty; Secret Millionaire; The Moment of Truth; Worst Cooks in America; Food Court Wars 2; Paradise Hotel; Love or Money; Mr. Personality; Who Wants to Marry My Dad?; Forever Eden; and The Complex. 

Other casting credits include (MTV, A&E, VH1, Discovery) The Girls of Hedsor Hall, Wake Up Call with Greg Behrendt, Super Group, Family Forensics, Ozzfest, Soccer Mom, and Once and Future City.

CEO, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Casting, Director

Sheila Conlin CEO of the Conlin Company

Sheila has been a moderator at Realscreen West 2012, a panelist on "Casting Call" and "Developing The Story" at Realscreen 2014 and 2015 in Washington DC; a panelist at the Nashville Screenwriters Conference; and has lectured to broadcasters in China about reality television (BTV, Nanjing TV, ShenZhen, SMG, Hunan TV). 

In September 2014, She was invited to conduct a master class on reality television at the first annual Doc & Factual Agora in Rome, Italy.

It was a great pleasure to speak with Shelia on the podcast, such a great career and she continues today to push forward with more exciting projects. 

You never know you could be the next BIG reality TV star brought to you by the Conlin Company, watch this space as we look forward to catching up with Sheila later in 2021!

By Pete Moore

We chat with Dr. David Bull, discussing his Medical and Entertainment career, and his role as Deputy Leader for the Reform UK Party!

13 May 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome Dr. David Bull, who is a medical doctor, a passionate campaigner, and an experienced, intelligent award-winning television presenter, to the show.

We had a great chat with David, learning about his background and his time as an MEP, which has now evolved into becoming the deputy leader of Reform UK, a populist political party in the United Kingdom - and we learn about his experience living in Hollywood!

David is equally at home hosting live or pre-recorded shows and has worked for almost all major networks in the UK including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Living, Sky TV, and Food Network. 

He is also the host of a medical television channel and is extremely accomplished at hosting large corporate conferences around the globe.

David Bull's early career:

Dr. David Bull qualified as a physician in 1993 from St Mary's Hospital Medical School in London (Imperial College) with degrees in Medicine, Surgery, and Science.

He joined the British NHS working at St Mary's Hospital, Ealing Hospital, and the Whittington Hospital, all in central London, in the fields of General Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and General Practice.

The start of his media career:

His broadcasting career started in 1995 as an on-screen doctor for Sky TV giving advice to people traveling abroad. 

In 1996 he joined the team at Newsround on BBC1, the longest-running children's news show in the world. Within six months his documentary on bullying based on his own experiences won a Royal Television Society Award for best children's factual program.

After his own BBC kids talk show Sort It!, he joined the team on the daily consumer program The Really Useful Show, before joining Watchdog, the BBC's prime-time consumer show. 

From there he went on to present Watchdog Healthcheck and the live science show Tomorrow's World.

His presenting credits are numerous and include Most Haunted Live and Hospital Live, both network shows. 

More recent credits include The Jeremy Vine show, The Wright Stuff, and Coast Vs Country on Channel 4.

TV presenter and politician Dr. David Bull

Dr. David Bull

Going to the USA - HOLLYWOOD:

David crossed the Atlantic in 2008 and started contributing to The Rachael Ray show in New York and hosting for WebMD

In 2012 he became the host of Sugar Dome for Food Network. He's also starred in a Hollywood movie entitled "Cavemen" playing a manic game-show host! 

David is also the host of the web channel 'Frequency Medical' based in Paris which produces medical television programs for doctors around the globe, ensuring their continuing education.

He's written two books "Cool and Celibate? Sex and No Sex" and "What Every Girl should know". Both have been translated into multiple languages and published worldwide.

In 2000 he started a started Communication Company called IncrediBull which grew to employ over thirty staff in London and San Francisco. 

He sold it in 2014 to concentrate on his TV career. He also has a property business, buying and selling residential homes across Europe.

To listen to the conversation with Dr. David Bull, click on the link below;

His current portfolio extends from the UK to Spain.

He is an ardent campaigner and has been instrumental in many high-profile causes including getting people out to vote, engaging young people in politics, cleaning up dirty hospitals, improving sexual health, and implementing newborn screening for the life-threatening condition, Cystic Fibrosis.

Charitable - Good Causes:

David is passionate about these incredible organizations and is a patron of;

Cystic Fibrosis Trust, British Red Cross, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme & Cancer Research Campaign!

David is passionate about current affairs and politics. He was elected as an MEP in 2019. This ended in 2020 when the UK left the EU.

It was a really fun and engaging chat with David, with so much experience across many areas, from politics to media, it was a real pleasure to have David as a guest on the podcast show. 

You will probably next see him on the Jeremy Vine show in not the too distant future!

By Peter Moore

Part 2 — In Conversation with Ross King MBE, US Correspondent for ITV Lorraine & Good Morning Britain!

6 May 2021

Part 2 of The Entertainment Engine podcast chat with Ross King MBE, US Correspondent for ITV Lorraine & Good Morning Britain.

This week we discuss some of the biggest star interviews Ross has achieved over the years, with fun and games speaking about Gerard Butler, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts… and spending time on the Isle of Wight with his family growing up! 

Bringing back some great memories for him!

The Four-time News Emmy and Multi-Award winning, Los Angeles-based Ross King MBE is one of Britain’s most vibrant and versatile performers, having worked stage, screen, TV, and radio. 

In 2018 Ross received an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen for services to Broadcasting, the Arts, and Charity.

In 2020 Ross received the prestigious President’s Award from the Los Angeles British-American Business Council in recognition of his efforts and achievements on both sides of the Atlantic.

2021 saw King voice all the characters of the iconic Wombles in their first appearance in new CGI animation.

Ross can be seen daily in the UK and Europe on ITV’s top-rated morning shows Good Morning Britain & Lorraine as their US Correspondent.

He has covered the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, Golden Globes, and the Grammys. In addition to all things Hollywood and Show Business, King also reports on harder news in the US, this has included terrorist attacks, mass shootings, wildfires, and hurricanes.

Ross has interviewed major Hollywood stars, plus US President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He can also be seen regularly on BBC’s “The Edit” and in Australia, on Channel 7’s News Show “The Latest”. “The Sunday Post” features his weekly column.

For US network television, Ross was a World Judge on CBS’s primetime network show, The World’s Best and he has hosted The Hollywood Christmas Parade & The Critics Choice Movie Awards Red Carpet.

Other Primetime TV specials include Will and Grace and CSI.

To listen to PART 2 of the conversation with Ross King, click on the link 

If you missed Part 1 of the conversation with Ross — you can take a listen HERE.

It was great fun to speak with Ross, learning about his career and work across the entertainment industry with his funny sense of humor, keeping it real was really refreshing!

We look forward to catching up with Ross later in the year on the RED CARPET!

By Pete Moore

Some of the New & Biggest Podcast shows today with Powerful Podcast statistics YOU need to know!

3 May 2021

Over the last 12 months, it has been a very difficult time for everyone, but the level of music, films and TV shows being consumed daily with your favorite viewing is the new norm going forward.

I am no different from being restricted on what you can do at your company and business, which has impacted greatly. 

But within lockdown this got us thinking, about how we can help the community, while also keeping visibility in the world — not an easy task!

So, we looked at the world of “Podcasting” and thought can we do this ?… mmm… so with some planning and thought, our show began...

In this article, we look at some of our favorite podcast shows, plus some of the BIGGEST podcast shows of all time, just to mix it up a little bit. 

So, let's take a look click on the link below to learn more;

Medium Blog Post

By Pete Moore

We chat with Ross King MBE, US Correspondent for ITV Lorraine & Good Morning Britain, discussing his career & playing football!

29 April 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome US Correspondent for ITV Lorraine & Good Morning Britain Ross King MBE to the show.

The Four-time News Emmy and Multi-Award winning, Los Angeles-based Ross King MBE is one of Britain's most vibrant and versatile performers, having worked stage, screen, TV, and radio. His stage debut was at 5, his first radio broadcast at 15, and his television debut at 17!

In 2018 Ross received an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen for services to Broadcasting, the Arts, and Charity.

In 2020 Ross received the prestigious President's Award from the Los Angeles British-American Business Council in recognition of his efforts and achievements on both sides of the Atlantic.

2021 saw King voice all the characters of the iconic Wombles in their first appearance in new CGI animation.

Ross can be seen daily in the UK and Europe on ITV's top-rated morning shows Good Morning Britain & Lorraine as their US Correspondent

He has covered the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, Golden Globes, and the Grammys. In addition to all things Hollywood and Show Business, King also reports on harder news in the US, this has included terrorist attacks, mass shootings, wildfires, and hurricanes

Ross has also interviewed every major Hollywood star plus US President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair

He can also be seen regularly on BBC's "The Edit" and in Australia, on Channel 7's News Show "The Latest". "The Sunday Post" features his weekly column.

For US network television, Ross was a World Judge on CBS's primetime network show, The World's Best and he has hosted The Hollywood Christmas Parade & The Critics Choice Movie Awards Red Carpet

Other Primetime TV specials include Will and Grace and CSI.

To listen to PART 1 of the conversation with Ross, click on the link below; Part 2 follows next week. So stay tuned!

For six years, Scottish-born Ross was the Entertainment Anchor on Los Angeles' KTLA/The CW Channel 5's Prime News, winning four News Emmys and a Golden Mic award along the way.

Writing with Shari Low, under the name Shari King, he's had two best-selling novels "Taking Hollywood" and "Breaking Hollywood" published by Macmillan. He has also written for many TV Comedy Shows, Stage Plays and Films.

His relaxed and informal style has resulted in some of the best interviews with many of the world's biggest stars, including;

 Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tom Cruise, every James Bond including fellow Scots Sean Connery and Gerard Butler, Take That, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

His worldwide interviews were recognized with an award from the Variety Club of Great Britain. Ross has performed in Las Vegas and at the World Famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard. 

He has also "sung and danced" with Diana Ross and screen legend, Donald O'Connor. 

He can also be seen regularly performing on various Cruise Ships including The Queen Mary 2, The MV Britannia, and many more.

Ross's national TV career started after being chosen from thousands of hopefuls to host ITV's Young Krypton. He has gone on to host 30 television series for the BBC, ITV, and SKY. 

From game shows to Children's TV, and documentaries to human-interest programs, Ross' own shows have included: Holiday, The Ross King Show, Hot Chefs, The 8.15 from Manchester, King of the Road, Run the Gauntlet, and Quiz Night.

For five years he hosted the BBC's live daily chat and entertainment show, Pebble Mill. His years on the show involved flying around the world filming in Europe, America, the Caribbean, and South Africa, as well as hosting TV specials from the Oscars and Cannes Film Festival.

Ross's film credits include The Day After Tomorrow, Half Past Dead, Cruel Game, Do It For Uncle Manny, and Trust Me, playing US talk show host Ray Lungo

He can also be seen in Young Hercules and Who's Your Caddy, as himself, and voiced the role of Jenkin.

Ross King with Hollywood actor Gerard Butler

Some things YOU didn't know about Ross King!

He's a failed footballer! He turned his back on a professional career with Partick Thistle because "I wasn't very good"!

He's one of the few people to have played Wembley three times. Twice scoring a goal and once supporting Bros.

Who could forget him and Pat Sharp rapping "Rapper's Delight"…everybody!

He played at Wembley for Scotland in a 1–1 draw. He scored for Scotland after being chosen to play by Celtic and Scotland legend Danny McGrain. 

Playing in a team with the likes of McCloy, McGrain, Buckley, Brownlie, Eddie and Frank Gray, Gemmill, Robertson, and Jordan against Neal, Mills, McDermott, Hughes, Coppell, Worthington, and Mortimer it was one of the best days of his life. 

He's also played at Hampden Park and the homes of Celtic, Rangers, Dundee and Dundee United, Dunfermline, Motherwell, Partick Thistle, St Mirren, East Stirling, Yoker Athletic ( It was a big Boys Brigade Cup Final!) Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Fulham, and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He was the first person ever to play Wet Wet Wet's first-ever demo on air. He played it on his "Through the Night Show" on Radio Clyde and the Wets later gave him his own Triple Platinum Disc of "Popped In Souled Out" which he proudly still has on his wall to this day.

On the West End stage, before leaving London, Ross played a leading role in Dick Whittington, London's musical of the millennium at Sadlers Wells Theater. 

The production was directed by Dame Gillian Lynne (Cats & Phantom of the Opera) and was nominated for a prestigious "Laurence Olivier Award". 

Ross also played Frank-n-Furter in The Rocky Horror Show, and both starred in and hosted Night of Stars at London's world-famous Palladium Theatre

It was great fun to speak with Ross, learning about his career and work across the entertainment industry with his funny sense of humor keeping it real was really refreshing to see!

By Pete Moore

Part 2 -  Continuing our chat with film Director John Crye, about his latest movie "Chance" Starring Hollywood actor Matthew Modine!

22 April 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome back movie producer & director John Crye to the show.

Part 2 of the podcast chat where we look more into John's career and his latest project - Chance an American drama film directed by John Crye and starring Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Weeds, Stranger Things), Tanner Buchanan (Designated Survivor/Cobra Kai), Amanda Leighton (This is Us/The Fosters).

The movie is based on a true story!

Chance Smith tragically took his own life at the age of 16 in 2012 and is also Crye's feature directorial debut.

Chance Smith had, to the outside observer, what would seem to be a pretty idyllic young American life: he was an enormously popular class clown at Western Brown High School, he had a steady girlfriend, and he was an accomplished athlete, having played baseball at Flash Baseball Complex in his hometown from the time he six years old...

To find out more take a listen to PART 2 of the conversation with 

John Crye, click on the link below;

It was a real pleasure to speak with John Crye over two podcast episodes, to learn more about his career and latest project "Chance".

If you missed Part 1 of the conversation — you can take a listen HERE.

But for sure you can still live the dream and be very proud of what you have achieved you just need a load of determination, drive, and that little bit of luck along the way!

The Entertainment Engine top weekly podcast series is created by Seamless Entertainment to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters, and is one of the best entertainment podcasts to listen to.

By Pete Moore

We chat with film Producer & Director John Crye, discussing all things entertainment  -  and his latest movie "Chance" starring Mathew Modine!

15 April  2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome a very special guest movie producer & director John Crye to the podcast show.

In Part 1 of the conversation, we learn more about John as a theatre and stage actor from Boston and how he came to live in LA - "Tinseltown" creating, producing some of the most iconic "indie" classic movies ever!

The following week, we look more into John's career and his latest project - "Chance" a 2020 American drama film directed by John Crye and starring Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Weeds, Stranger Things), based on the true story of Chance Smith.

It is also Crye's feature directorial debut.

So, what is true development?

"Development" has become a dirty word, synonymous with intrusion and waste. Nobody talks about "development heaven." True development serves your story only.

True development ensures that the words on the page are telling your story as effectively as possible.

After almost twenty years as an independent film industry executive, John Crye is now offering services on a freelance basis. 

Whether you just need a knowledgeable, objective opinion on your story, or a "writer's personal trainer" to coach you through the screenwriting process.

To listen to the conversation with John Crye, click on the link below to discover more about his journey;

Early Days:

When he first came to Los Angeles in 1995, John had no idea what development was. 

He had been a successful stage actor and theater producer in Boston but always had a fascination with film.

John's first job was at Summit Entertainment, first as a script reader and then an assistant in the creative department. 

It was then that he learned the outsized importance of the "gatekeepers," those hard-working folks on the frontlines who are the first - and often last - audience that a script ever has.

His work at Summit brought him to the attention of two investors who hired me away to help them form a new independent production company, Newmarket Films. 

John took on the job of creative director and brought in a filmmaker friend as head of the production. 

In their blissful ignorance, the first film developed and produced together had no stars, half of it was black and white, and the structure was a horseshoe-shaped puzzle box. 

It was called "Memento," and it was the second feature of a neophyte auteur named Christopher Nolan. It was bold and daring and John was terrifically proud of it.

And then nobody in the business wanted to distribute it!

Movie Director John Crye Hollywood

Movie Director - John Crye

Pic: Movie Director - John Crye

Indie movie classics!

Fortunately, though, Newmarket Films stood behind the film and built a distribution arm to support it. 

So began Newmarket's run of indie classics, including "Donnie Darko - Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore," "Monster - Charlize Theron," "The Prestige - Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlet Johansson," "The Mexican - Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts," THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST Director: Mel Gibson Starring: James Caviezel, Monica Bellucci.

John is also a founding member of the filmmaker's collective, Fewdio, John has also produced The Nightmare House web series, and also wrote and directed several episodes

He helped launch Wrekin Hill Entertainment, with whom he acquired and released such films as Peter Weir's The Way Back and Hesher, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The entertainment industry has changed radically in the last 20 years, and the changes have been overwhelmingly for the better for new storytellers. 

Not since the early silent era has the playing field been so fundamentally level. If you love film as we do, if you have always dreamed of telling stories as I have, your time is now!

It was great BeX & Pete got to chat with John and learn more about his movie career in Hollywood

We are looking forward to Part 2 of our chat for next week when we learn more about John's latest movie project and how he sees the movie industry over the next few years!

By Pete Moore

In conversation with British Actor Billy Murray & Film producer Jonathan Sothcott from the Crime thriller movie - "Nemesis"

9 April 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome our special guest's iconic British actor Billy Murray & Film producer Jonathan Sothcott to the show.

The movie Nemesis, the morally ambiguous crime thriller that marks the debut of disruptive indie Shogun Films, has been acquired for US release by Samuel Goldwyn Films during the European Film Market in Berlin.


Nemesis, written by Adam Stephen Kelly, is the story of underworld kingpin John Morgan whose return to London triggers a violent series of events as his murky past catches up with him. 

The film features a stellar British cast including Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Frank Harper, Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott, Bruce Payne, Ricky Grover, Danny Bear, and Julian Glover. 

So this week we caught up with the lead actor Billy Murray & the movie's producer Jonathan Sothcott, for a chat in the midst of the movie promotion just released on DVD and streaming channels including Apple TV & Amazon.

Murray's Early Life & Career:

Billy Murray is an English actor, best known for playing Don Beech in The Bill from 1995 to 2004, Johnny Allen in the BBC soap opera EastEnders from 2005 to 2006, and Captain John Price in the video games Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Murray was born in Forest Gate, Essex, and grew up in Upton Park, east London.

The Kray twins paid £400 for him to go to East 15 Acting School as a teenager because they "liked his attitude". They never asked for the money back.

"Murray remains the go-to guy for big-screen gangsters" RadioTimes

His notable film roles included the role of "Joey" in the hit 1980 film McVicar. In the film, he was to help McVicar hide after escaping from prison. In 1995, he got the role of DS Don Beech in the ITV police drama series The Bill appearing as a regular cast member from early 1995 to late 2000. 

In 2001 he reprised the role in a special spin-off episode entitled "Beech on the Run". This was followed by the six-part mini-series Beech is Back. In late 2004, Murray joined the cast of popular BBC soap opera EastEnders and played gangland figure, Johnny Allen

Check out the podcast below, to listen more to Billy & Jonathan's experience across the Film & TV industry;

Early Life for Sothcott:

Jonathan Sothcott left school and worked as a film journalist and produced documentaries for the burgeoning DVD industry, working with British film icons including Sir Roger Moore, Ken Russell, Bryan Forbes, and Euan Lloyd, about whom he made an acclaimed documentary, The Last of the Gentleman Producers.

By the age of 24, Jonathan was the youngest Television Executive in the UK, setting up and launching The Horror Channel in 2004, where he was Head of Programming.

Moving into the film producer he began his long collaboration with Martin Kemp with the short film Karma Magnet starring Gary Kemp. Jonathan and Martin have worked together half a dozen times since on films such as Top Dog for Universal Pictures and Age of Kill for Starz.

Jonathan has worked with a galaxy of stars over the years including Mark Hamill, Jason Statham, Richard E Grant, Sheridan Smith, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran, Ray Winstone, Steven Berkoff, Rik Mayall, Charlie Cox, Eve Myles, Freema Agyeman, Craig Fairbrass, and BAFTA nominees Phil Davis and Kierston Wareing.

It certainly looks like Shogun films are building an interesting slate of movies, with the first just out of the gate - "Nemesis", which you can stream and buy at all good supermarkets NOW you can also purchase the title song "Nemesis" which is available on all streaming platforms; Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, plus many more.

                           Nemesis theme song hit №1 on the iTunes Soundtrack Chart.

Get your copy of the song and the movie NOW!

I certainly love a good gangster movie and looking forward to seeing this one in the comfort of my sofa, a big bag of crisps, and a beer of course!

The Entertainment Engine top weekly podcast series is created by Seamless Entertainment to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters, and is one of the best entertainment podcasts to listen to.

By Peter Moore

We welcome US Entertainment Attorney - David Helfant to The Entertainment Engine podcast!

1 April 2021

This week on The Entertainment Engine podcast we welcome a very special guest US entertainment attorney - David Helfant to the show.

For the past 40 years, David has been practicing as an entertainment attorney specializing in music, motion picture, television, and video production and distribution. 

He also focused on emerging growth and new technologies, new media, and the digital distribution of music on the Internet for various corporate and entertainment clients. 

David Helfant is an expert in representing record producers, recording artists, record and publishing companies, major motion picture studios, and television, film, and video production companies.

His clients have included Johnny Carson, Slash, Van Halen, Stanley Clarke, Teddy Pendergrass, Columbia Pictures, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, to name just a few.

David Helfant was the Senior Vice President of Paramount Pictures and headed their Music Business and Legal Affairs Department for almost four years where he supervised attorneys, paralegals, and assistants in negotiating and documenting soundtrack album, artist, producer, license, and music publishing agreements for motion picture productions at Paramount, MTV Films, and Nickelodeon Films

Paramount pictures projects have included the following;

"The Italian Job", "The Longest Yard", "School Of Rock", "Mean Girls", "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days", "Rugrats Go Wild", "Team America", "The Manchurian Candidate", "Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow", "Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events", "SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie"

To learn more about the chat with David, click on the podcast link below;

Over the years David Helfant has also been outside music counsel for The Weinstein Company, performing Business & Legal Affairs services on award-winning and highly acclaimed films such as;

"Lion", "Gold", Southpaw", "August: Osage County", "Lee Daniels' The Butler", "Big Eyes", "Philomena", "Snowpiercer", "The Iron Lady", "My Week With Marilyn", "Nine", "Paddington", "I Don't Know How She Does It", "Escape From Planet Earth", "Scream 4", "Scary Movie 5", "The Tillman Story" and "Lawless".

This also brought the opportunity for David to work and manage the US Actress, producer, director, author, singer/songwriter, Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose Hollywood career spans almost 30 years. 

Jennifer achieved much of her success by starring in movies such as,

"I Know What You Did Last Summer," "Heartbreakers," "Can Hardly Wait" and "The Client List", a movie of the week for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

But, her biggest break when she was younger was getting signed to LA Gear, which resulted in a global poster deal with the sneaker company and Michael Jackson. 

The news headlines, "Jacko and Love", appeared everywhere around the world.

The Troubadour Los Angeles

David Helfant

David Helfant has also worked with many other high-profile clients over the years, which have included the following;

Johnny Carson, Slash, John Travolta, The Kinks, Phil Collins, Genesis, Savage Garden, Paul Rodgers, Jennifer Warnes to name just a few.

David also acted as the music supervisor for Troika Pictures' "The Call" starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin and directed by Brad Anderson, whose credits include "The Machinist" and "Transsiberian". 

The Picture was released on March 15, 2013, by Sony Pictures Entertainment in the U.S. and Canada and opened at №2 at the box office for $17.1 million.

David has also packaged and sold several music-driven TV specials to PBS, including 

"Rock Prophecies", the award-winning documentary on the life and career of Robert Knight, the famous rock photographer whose work has including the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Slash, ZZ Top, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Plus David Helfant has had the privilege of sitting on the Board of Governors for the L.A. Chapter of the Recording Academy for 10 years. 

During that time frame, he was Secretary of the L.A. Chapter for 2 years, served as the Chair of the Advocacy Committee and the Co-Chair of the Jazz Committee with Dave Koz, and has been a member of the Recording Academy for 36 years.

This work continued with The Guitar Center Music Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on granting instruments and other musician services to various music education non-profit organizations, recently announced the appointment of David as Chairman of the Board for the Foundation. 

The announcement was made by the Foundation's Board of Directors and reflects the organization's goal of growing its charitable initiatives. 

David has also worked with a wide variety of corporate clients over the years including the following entertainment industry giants:

The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Lucasfilm Ltd, Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBC Universal Television, The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, Spyglass Entertainment, Interscope Pictures, The Little Film Company.

Having spent time with David at last year's NAMM industry event in Los Angeles, it was very clear to me, Davids's ethos and outlook on life and the entertainment industry is a positive one mixed with decades of experience and knowledge working with some of the most iconic industry figures.

David’s ability to pivot between music manager, entertainment attorney, music supervisor, and philanthropist is attributed and a credit to his drive to bring huge value to the community.

It is certainly going to be an interesting year, but one thing is for sure to navigate the entertainment industry you are going to need a great team with experienced advisors - across; legal, management, accountant & agent!

By Pete Moore

The DO'S & DON'TS - On how to Approach Music Supervisors & Music Consultants!

25 March 2021

This is the second part of the blog series, taking a look at the Do's & Don'ts of how to contact music supervisors & music consultants.

OK, are you an artist/songwriter or band, and really curious about how to contact a music supervisor or music consultant?

Well, music supervisors are the music-to-picture gatekeepers, responsible for selecting the tracks and closing the deals between artists and productions for film, tv, Gaming ALL VISUAL MEDIA.

In this episode, we highlight some of the best and worst practices from industry professionals.

You must Do your research:

Music supervisors will often narrow down their focus to a few publishing companies, agents, labels, artists that they know and trust - this is particularly important.

This helps them get deals done more quickly and efficiently, with very little fuss.

Before you contact a music supervisor, make sure you know their work, this is especially important, I know it may sound basic, but it's the way to go!


Blindly sending "listen to my music!" emails is a COMPLETE waste of their time and yours. 

Just like your music has its own sound, many music supervisors have their own brand and distinctive credits as well - DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Take advantage of the subject line for the film, game, or TV show:

Demonstrate that you researched the supervisor with a crafted subject line in your initial INTRODUCTION email.

If your brand of COUNTRY or POP is perfect for a particular Netflix, Disney, or Amazon series, change up your email or social media introduction with a title, for example: "POP/Country for the nightclub scenes with band."

The music supervisor on the receiving end will very much appreciate that you are paying attention, this is good brownie points to kick you off on your journey!

Make music that's authentically yours - DO NOT COPY WHAT'S OUT THERE!

Music supervisors looking for songs typically want music that is real and will resonate with that particular audience. 

If your music comes from the heart, your odds for success will greatly improve, I assure you it will!

 Likewise, writing a song about tires, for the sole purpose of placing it in a 'Michelin' or 'Pirelli' commercial, probably will not get you very far at all - see my point?

To learn more about this really exciting area for more tips and information, check out the links below, for this and many other podcast shows from The Entertainment Engine

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By Pete Moore

Pic: Artwork for the title song Nemesis

Nemesis is the Original Motion picture Soundtrack. Written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory & Talia Dean. Performed & Sung by Talia Dean as her latest single!

22 March 2021

Nemesis is an upcoming British thriller film. It is directed by James Crow and stars Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Frank Harper, Janine Nerissa Sothcott, Julian Glover, and Bruce Payne.

An underworld kingpin, John Morgan (Billy Murray), returns to London, triggering a cataclysm of violence, retribution, and murder.

Murray has stated that his character in the film, John Morgan, is in the mold of Johnny Allen, the character he played in the BBC soap opera Eastenders between 2005 and 2006.

The song “Nemesis” will be available from 19th March on all streaming platforms; Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, plus many more.

The film’s producer was looking for a great song to attach to the movie, which would create that strong feeling and desire within this tense thriller, it wasn’t long before the movie team found the right song and music production team to work with.

The producer then called upon legendary songwriter & producer Alan Glass with decades of experience, film & music credits already include; Aretha Franklin, Lighthouse Family, Liberty X, Kenny G to Another 48 hours, starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte to Virtuosity starring Denzil Washington and Kevin Spacey!

Click on the link below to ORDER YOUR COPY!

Alan then called upon his long-time writing partner singer-songwriter BeX (AKA Rebecca Gregory) out of the UK. 

BeX, debuted her album “Story So Far” back in 2017 which received great reviews from BBC, regional and community radio across the UK, the album was co-written with Alan and produced by Greg Haver — Manic Street Preachers, Melanie C & Tom Jones.

BeX and Alan have worked on numerous songs over the past years and this was not going to be any different with the level of experience and creativity the team has!

The production team had a vocalist & songwriter Talia Dean in place to perform the song Nemesis, she had the right vocal to lend to the track and the movie’s vibe!

The team in place was set to write that killer track for the theme song of the film “Nemesis”.

The song “Nemesis” was co-written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory & Talia Dean, which is also performed by Talia Dean for the movie. Providing a strong engaging lyrical and production strength to this London gangster movie!

Shogun Films is a new, disruptive independent production company headquartered in London — but with a global reach — which is dedicated to making outstanding, high-octane, filmmaker-driven commercial movies in the action/thriller/crime space.

The company was founded by producer/actress Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott and industry veteran Jonathan Sothcott.

Entrepreneurs Danny Bear and Andrew Green round out the board. Filmmaker Adam Stephen Kelly acts as SVP.

The company has a strategic partnership with prolific US director/producer Daniel Zirilli and his Pop Art Film Factory outfit in Los Angeles.

Being a startup business with aspirations and significant long-term international growth prospects built on a foundation of exceptional knowledge and experience.

The team at Shogun is passionate about the industry and the people in it and is proud of the incredible British film heritage, yet the film company’s ambition is global the films are designed to have genuine international appeal.

The Shogun name and branding has been inspired by the great independent studios from the ’80s video boom era such as Cannon and Carolco, however, Shogun wants to be a new breed of film company; one that builds and fosters long-term relationships creatively as well as commercially; that becomes an incubator to the very best creative talent and an immediately identifiable brand that gives its audience that little bit more.

Compiling a great team with vision and energy is certainly a must in today’s world, but for me, you can’t just have that great script, a killer actor’s delivery, you also need that GREAT song within the movie soundtrack.

It’s the music that makes the film for me capturing the emotion and mode of the movie, the song — “Nemesis” certainly provides this feeling, co-produced and written by Alan Glass, Rebecca Gregory, and Talia Dean.

The song “Nemesis” will be available from 19th March on all streaming platforms; Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, plus many more — so stay tuned for further updates

Nemesis movie starring Nick Moran & Billy Murray

Nemesis the Movie

Principal photography began on 20 September 2020. The film is distributed, in the UK and Ireland, by Bulldog Film Distribution.

In the emerging post-coronavirus world, there is a genuine, significant gap in the market for high volumes of low-cost entertainment which can be produced and delivered expertly.

The first Shogun film, NEMESIS, was one of the first produced in the UK during the national lockdowns and is already a hot property in the international marketplace.

Parkland Pictures has acquired worldwide sales rights. 

Nemesis is released on DVD, digital, and video on demand on March 29, 2021.

I certainly love a good gangster movie and looking forward to seeing this one in the comfort of my sofa, a big bag of crisps, and a beer of course!

And don't forget to download your copy of the song!

By Pete Moore