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Artist Management Mentoring Course

The Seamless Artist Management course provides the most relevant and up-to-date skills for current and future music managers to help them navigate the music industry and build a successful career. The course will help you to become equipped with the skills needed for a successful career in artist management, working with music industry professionals with decades of experience working within the music industry. Over five modules, providing you with the know-how, the fundamentals, and confidence to oversee every aspect of your artists’ career. We look forward to welcoming you to our Artist Management course and supporting you on your music industry journey.

The artist management course is delivered over 5 modules working over a 3 week period with an easy pace to learn each module.

The course is delivered every Saturday online from 11 am to 3 pm UK & 10 am - 2 pm for the USA and Canada.

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Areas covered in this online course:

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive - let's begin and change the World"

Seamless Entertainment team

Building the team from the start

Module 1

• What is an artist manager and what do they do?

• Management skills that are required for managing artists and bands

• The artist and manager relationship?

• How do you get into artist management

• How are music managers paid?

• The artist management contract, contract negotiation, contract term, percentages, exclusivity & power of attorney.

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Module 2

• Artist management as a business

• Artist evaluation: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats

• The first meeting - for the artist & manager - what to expect?

• Planning a career: short, medium & long term goals

• Marketing, PR, and branding your artist

• Building the team and understanding their roles, agents, publicists, pluggers, etc

• Finding your artists - the art of management A&R - where to look?

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Record player playing an album

Module 3

• Introduction to music business revenues sources

• Entertainment lawyers - what they do, and why they are so crucial?

• Signing to a major label vs. signing to an indie label

• Advances - what they are, how do they work?

• Tour support from a record label/company

• Agent, Publicist & Accountan roles?

• What the record label pay for and what is recouped

• 360 deals, what is available, and how they work

Big festival show main stage

Module 4

• Income from live performance

• Why live music is so important to the industry

• Booking agents & promoters - what they do and how they do it

• Tour management - tech plots & riders

• The business of merchandise

• Income from songwriting (Music Publishing) & Copyrights

• An overview of music publishing, Who are PRS, PPL, and MCPS what do they do?

• Writer splits - working with multiple writers on a single track

• Sync - music into adverts, film, TV soundtracks & games

Record label logo bright lights

Module 5

Classroom discussions; 

  • Class discussion: Streaming how has streaming impacted our role, what is the future of streaming?
  • Funding for artists & the new music business?
  • The creative business plan - Points to discuss?

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“Creating managers for the 21st Century. With strong ethics, determination, drive & energy mixed with the knowledge and understanding of the business".

Seamless Entertainment team

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