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About Us

Seamless Entertainment has a diverse range of skill sets to deliver and execute our client's objectives across music, film, TV, and gaming. We work with our clients to set realistic expectations to meet them, and we are passionate to go above and beyond to exceed them. 

Our services include working across music supervision for film, TV and Gaming. The team have worked on independent and major film and television productions, commercials, advertisements, and gaming, an unclaimed royalty collection for artists, bands, and rights-holders, and we have our Grammy & Award-Winning in-house music production and songwriting team who write for Film, TV and aspiring music talent projects (singers, songwriters, and musicians).

Seamless is the creator of the entertainment industry podcast called The Entertainment Engine podcast streamed and downloaded on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Castbox, and much more. 

The Entertainment Engine weekly podcast provides helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV for bands, artists, actors, songwriters, and creatives. We have informal chats, providing in-depth knowledge, advice, and professional experience. We're joined by special guests on the show and keep our listeners updated with current industry news, fun facts, and trends.

Through the popularity of the podcast show, the team has developed a series of online courses and music mentoring programs for International Artists Management, music festivals and concerts, How to become a Music festival promoter with finance and business planning, creative artists management, Music industry overview to Record label setup. The music mentor program and music business courses UK are for people entering the entertainment industry, as well as existing entertainment professionals who want to enhance their music industry knowledge. We provide leading music industry training on how the music industry works and understanding of how to learn the music business of today with the best music Industry training.

Our clients benefit from our network and resources, experience, relationships, and capabilities for an end-to-end solution to be available to our clients via direct contact, leading to streamlined communication. 

Music, Film, TV & Gaming 

Project Services:

  • Music budgeting and management.
  • Soundtrack services –  music supervision and music production for film, tv, and gaming.
  • Music clearance, pre-cleared music, licensing, a compilation album.
  • Songs for placement in visual media and motion pictures.
  • The hiring of Award-winning music production team, composer, music editor, music producer, mixing engineers, mastering, and recording studio.
  • Original music production, song placement, songwriting, with catalogue resources.

Events produced by the Seamless team:

  • Thes exclusive shows feature a VIP Meet & Greet, LIVE & UNSCRIPTED interview with the sporting Legend, followed by a Special Audience Question & Answer session.
  •  Francis Benali will take to the stage to give you real-life insight into behind the scenes of his career, and his contribution to charity, including the Saints Foundation and Cancer Research UK. 
  • The event was hosted by presenter Kenzie Benali.
  • The team are producing a series of further events with high-end talent from the world of entertainment & sport over the next year.

Advice & Consultation:

  • Advice on music coordination and music marketing strategies.
  • Exploring to create potential value for music assets.
  • Project structure; including music talent engagement (Music Supervision, budget, legal, label, publishing & management).
  • Keeping up to date with industry opportunities and trends.
  • Rights acquisitions and publishing administration.
  • Studio services for original music production and compositions.

Music industry Mentoring 

& Course programs:

  • It is the team's passion to inspire the music industry professionals.
  • Delivering exceptional music industry, advice & knowledge.
  • From seasoned entertainment executives (with 25+ years experience)
  • Supporting YOU across your entertainment journey with music industry learning;

  • How to become an Artist Manager 
  • How to become a Music festival promoter
  • How the Music industry  works - overview program