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About Seamless Entertainment

The company objective is to provide a bespoke service to the entertainment industry across; film, TV & Music. Helping  producers/directors realise their project end goals.

Seamless Entertainment is run by seasoned entertainment executives with 40 years of combined knowledge and experience within the music and movie industry. The team provides music solutions for motion pictures, television, brands and music artist projects. Our creative team has worked on independent and major blockbuster films, TV shows, and major global brands, providing music supervision services, including; placement of songs, music compositions, songwriting, music production and consultancy services for film and TV producers, directors, music artists, and games. 

Seamless Entertainment can help secure the music you need for your project. License the best pre-cleared music from independent artists to award-winning composers for commercial use. We have obtained the necessary music rights ownership information and permissions from rights holders in advance of a formal licensing process. That allows you to buy these pre-cleared tracks directly and obtain the license instantly. The main reason to use pre-cleared music is that it saves you time and money helping to create a seamless music license for your project needs! 

Through the popularity of our own podcast show The Entertainment Engine, the team at Seamless has developed a series of online music business courses, 

music mentoringand subscription services for the creative sector. The course and mentoring program include; Artist Management, Music festivals structure and Financing, Business planning, and Record label setup! The mentoring and music course programs are designed for new people entering the music industry, and existing entertainment professionals who wish to extend their knowledge. 

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"The Entertainment Engine podcast show has been created by Seamless to provide helpful tips on navigating the entertainment industry across Music, Film, and TV " 

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